hahaThis is the Yahoo chat room
ordos**ordos is ?
yahoo2hi folks, yahoo2 a.k.a Sameer Paranjpye here
hahaSameer, nice to see you here :)
yahoo1Hi everyone - welcome to the Yahoo! chat room. yahoo1 is Rajesh Parekh.
hahaAre you going to compete tonight?
Jan_KuipersI am
dhyaneshHi all
yahoo2Hi Zheng
dimkadimonyahoo1: do you have representatives in Australia?
yahoo1dhyanesh: Yes, we do have a presence in Australia.
Dumitruyahoo1: what type of job can you offer ? i.e. what positions for programmers ?
dimkadimonyahoo1: where in australia?
arunprakashbHi All
akwyahoo1: which location are you hiring for currently?
hahaakw: I guess there are too many
hahaakw: Yahoo is really hiring a lot
ordoshaha: IL ??????
dimkadimonwhat are the algorithmic challenges at Yahoo?
yahoo1dhyanesh: Sydney, Australia
hahadimkadimon: huge data
dhyaneshyahoo1: hi Rajesh
dimkadimonWhy should I work for Yahoo, instead of say Google? Give me reasons
CuongPham810yahoo1:how bout melbourne
hahadimkadimon: we have huge data :)
ordos**ordos ??
hahadimkadimon: That's a straight question.
hahadimkadimon: Let me give you an answer from our CDO Ussama.
Dumitruhaha: whom is yahoo hiring ? is there any limitation of country or region from where yahoo is hiring ? or anyone who wants can try to be hired ?
hahadimkadimon: Yahoo has registered users.
akwyahoo: What about Yahoo in India?
ordoshaha: How to display Chinese characters ?
yahoo1Yahoo India is also hiring a lot.
yahoo2akw: most of the hiring is happening in sunnyvale and pasadena, but we also hire in Asia, India, Taiwan for instance
yahoo1There are several top development positions available in Bangalore, India.
hahadimkadimon: which means Yahoo can do much more personalization.
hahadimkadimon: and much more other things
stubbscrollyahoo1: is it possible to be hired with no degree, no relevant work experience, but a good topcoder rating?
yahoo1Yahoo! has the power of the network ... we can reach users across several different properties.
danfitchthe bose rowl
akwyahoo: What kind of programmers is yahoo looking for?
hahaakw: hard questions
ordos**ordos ??
hahaakw: Yahoo is too large
yahoo1stubbscroll: That will depend on the particular case.
hahaakw: There are a lot of departments which hires different types of programmers.
yahoo2Dumitru: and there certainly isn't a restriction on where we hire people come from
yahoo1stubbscroll: It is certainly possible but up to the hiring managers to make the call.
akwhaha: are you currently from any department specifically, or just yahoo in general?
hahaakw: But in our strategic data solution team, definitely algorithms, machine learning, data mining, statistics are the most important things.
ordos**ordos ??
Jan_Kuipershaha is in SDS, I
Jan_KuipersI am in search right now
pranavyahoo1: can you put a person in his specific research domain, say large XML databases? Or say in some area Yahoo is not currently putting too much stress upon?
akwhaha: what degrees would the people you are looking for ideally hold?
yahoo1pranav: Are you referring to a research type of position?
pranavyahoo1: yes
hahaI was in web search last year, though. I switched to data mining this time because of my major is data mining.
yahoo1pranav: Mostly we hire good candidates who fit the overall goals of the company.
yahoo1pranav: We have Y! Research Labs that has identified several key areas that are not necessarily immediate priorities of Y!.
hahaakw: Yahoo has all: BS, MS and PhDs
yahoo2pranav: the area really has to be one that yahoo as a businedd has an interest in, we wouldn't put someone on designing a PDF like document format, for instance
yahoo1pranav: But areas that Y! things are strtegic to the company.
Dumitruyahoo2: suppose one wants to work for Yahoo and he's from a foreign country ; then what can Yahoo offer him ?
Ryanwhat topcoders are working at Yahoo!?
yahoo2Dumitru: in their own country?
Jan_KuipersRyan: haha, I
pranavyahoo1: Do you offer a fresh graduate research positions? Do you encourage students to complete PhDs?
MattmanI came to see what TopCoder employees are working on at Yahoo
Jan_KuipersRyan: kindloaf
akwhaha: do you hire based on the statistics from topcoder?
Jan_KuipersRyan: we're all interns here this summer
dhyaneshRyan: me too
yahoo1Fresh graduates are also welcome along with more experienced people.
gprabhuwanted to know what topcoders do at yahoo
gprabhudo they have enough challenging tasks?
gt494Jan_Kuipers: what are you working on?
sidhuagarwaldo u hire people from india
yahoo1 People who are say mid-way into their Ph.D. program might find it better to do an internship with Yahoo.
MattmanWhere are Yahoo locations (HQ and any remote sites)?
Jan_Kuipersgt494: I'm working in the Y! search team now
gt494Jan_Kuipers: any more details as to specifics?
Dumitruyahoo2: do you mean he will work for Yahoo online through internet ?
yahoo1Mattman: Y! HQ is in Sunnyvale
Dumitruyahoo2: is such an option possible ?
Jan_Kuipersgt494: buiding a graph of the internet
gt494haha: sames goes for you :)
stubbscrollyahoo1: do you have an office in norway?
yahoo2akw: no we don't hire based on topcoder statistics, we hire people based on their resumes, of which the topcoder stats are a relevant portion, but the hiring is done on the basis of resume and interviews
Mattmanthank you for the information
hahagt494: I am working in Strategic Data Solution team
MattmanFor what types of positions is Yahoo looking to hire?
gt494haha: what challenges are you facing?
hahagt494: which does data mining on all data in yahoo :)
hahagt494: the challenges are huge amount of data
yahoo1Yes, we do have an office in Trondheim, NORWAY
ordos**ordos ??
gt494haha: how do you deal with that?
lbackstromhaha: can you tell us what sort of things you mine?
yahoo1Mattman: Yahoo has a variety of positions available ... programming, research, product management, ...
hahagt494: parallel, stream processing, approximation are the usual approaches.
yahoo2Dumitru: that's harder to do, it would definitely be an exception to the general practice, we have a presence in several countries and it's maybe you can fins something there
pulkitbhanotir i am a final year student plz help me with regards to careera at yahoo
Mattmanyahoo1: Thank you!
yahoo2pulkitbhanot: what degree are you pursuing?
hahayahoo1: what is the typical career path for an engineer in SDS? This is a question I want to ask.
arunprakashbwhat do we need to have to become a programmer?
Dumitruyahoo2: ok, so in what Europe countries do you have a presence ?
arunprakashbwould we be interviewed in the technology that we work in.. or would it be algorithms
hahaarunprakashb: hard to say
pulkitbhanoti am pursuing Computer engineering at National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra
yahoo1haha: All eng positions are Technical Yahoo! but there are levels of seniority.
hahaarunprakashb: anyway, being proficient with one or two languages is a prerequisite for all programmers, I guess
GoodBoyFrancishi, have you hired people from the philippines?
yahoo2Dumitru: the uk, france, germany AFAIK
yahoo1haha: You can get up from engg. all the way to architect.
arunprakashbhaha: ok..
Dumitruyahoo2: for example as I understand, to work in google you need to pass a resume stage, then few tests and interviews (through phone) and after that you are hired and are going to work in USA either in Switzerland
yahoo1haha: There is also the management path that you can choose to pursue.
hahayahoo1: how many levels?
Dumitruyahoo2: how this system works for Yahoo ?
Jan_KuipersMateusz: I am with the yahoo search team this summer
GoodBoyFrancisalso, do you hire people who specialize in java rather than in C?
yahoo1About 5 to 6 I guess
ordosCDM ?????
vientolocoHi yahoo, :)
yahoo2Dumitru: each groups hiring is relatively autonomous, google has more centralized hiring as i understand it, you can submit a resume to yahoo through the jobs website, and it'll typically get picked up by recruiters from groups interested in it
vientolocoGoogle have been realizaed the google Earth, is Yahoo thinking in something like this?
yahoo2Dumitru: from then on, the question of location, remote work or not, moving, is really between the groups and the candidate
hahavientoloco: Generally companies won't disclose it until it appears.
Dumitruyahoo2: what type of work does Yahoo now need most ?
hahaDumitru: SDS team I guess
hahaDumitru: Strategic Data Solutions
hahaDumitru: and also Web Search. Is that so, yahoo2? :)
Dumitruhaha: :)
yahoo1Dumitru: A lot of groups in Y! are hiring.
Dumitruhaha: and what skills are mostly needed ?
ganesh1977_2000What is SDS?
ganesh1977_2000will they guess the data?
dimkadimonHow do you feel sponsoring TCO05?
hahaDumitru: all skills are needed.
yahoo1SDS is Strategic Data Solutions - this is the central group that deals with most data related aspects at Yahoo.
hahaDumitru: different positions have different requirements, though
yahoo2Dumitru: there are many many areas of active development, in Yahoo! Search Tech alone (which is my organization), we need people with expertise in distributed systems, machine learning, graph algorithms, document processing technology... etc
Dumitruhaha: what "all skills" ? :)) do you sure need an expert in Delphi ? :)
simplicity/wisper fornix can you tell me when it starts, I dont really know where to wait, I assume it will pop up automatically as I registered?
hahaDumitru: I guess pascal is really out of the industry now :(
Dumitruyahoo2: graph algorithms - graph theory ? or graph statistics ?
bcloudhaha: Are you a employee of Yahoo now? If I could ask this question?
yahoo1Dumitru: For most technical positions we need people with good programming and problem solving skills.
hahaDumitru: C++, java, perl, php are useful if you work in Yahoo
Mattmanyahoo1: Are the programming-related positions more along the lines of development, production support, or somewhere in the middle?
Dumitruhaha: so :) you see that only "certain" skills are needed :)
Dumitruhaha: please list me the most needed now at Yahoo
stoneworthaha, are you working for Yahoo? how do you feel?
hahabcloud: I am an intern at yahoo now
Dumitruhaha: thanks
yahoo2Dumitru: a little bit of both
Mattmanyahoo2: was that directed at me?
yahoo1Mattman: Covers all the areas - development, QA, support ...
czardo you guys/gals do ruby coding?
Mattmanyahoo1: thank you
Dumitruyahoo2: ok. so for example I would like to be hired by Yahoo. What are the requirements ?
hahaDumitru: In my team, we need to be familiar with c++, perl, and statistics/data mining
hahaDumitru: Good communication is always needed
fornixwill any knowledge in 32 bit ASM help?
ganesh1977_2000haha don't get me wrong, what has perl and c++ to do with stats
ganesh1977_2000yes yahoo1
hahaDumitru: Most of the great work experience comes from smooth communicatoin with coworkers :)
stubbscrollJan_Kuipers: how much pure tech do you do in your work (algorithms, math etc), compared to other things (participating in meetings, straightforward programming, etc)?
Dumitruhaha: no, not only this. Should I have a bachelor degree first ? If I am hired - will Yahoo pay my trip to work location ? Can I select the work location ?
hahaganesh1977_2000: these are two aspects :)
yahoo2Dumitru: there isn't a generic set of requirements, the requirements are really specific to the role, you need to have solid programming skills, familiarity with a relevant language (c++, java) helps,
yahoo1ganesh1977_2000: We do a lot of data intensive work. Processing, transforming, adn preparing the data for stats requires C++, perl expertise.
Jan_Kuipersstubbscroll: fist of all, i've been here for only a couple of weeks now
igorskhow early do you begin hiring for summer internships? when is a good time to apply for the next summer?
Jan_Kuipersstubbscroll: in the beginning i've done a lot of reading on yahoo! search technology
ganesh1977_2000Yahoo 1 lets say i dont' know math at all
Jan_Kuipersstubbscroll: but now I'm spending a lot of time programming
hahaigorsk: Apply in Jan or Feb
hahaigorsk: for internships
yahoo2igorsk: early in the year is the best time
ganesh1977_2000then how will you prepare them?
Jan_Kuipersstubbscroll: I hardly spend time in meetings
ganesh1977_2000I've been to yahoo once ;)
stubbscrollJan_Kuipers: thanks
yahoo1ganesh1977_2000: We look in general for these broad skills. Often we get qualified candidates who are very strong in some areas but not in others (say stats or data mining). We will try and pair them up the be best suited groups and or other people who h
Jan_Kuipersstubbscroll: 1 real meeting the last month
ganesh1977_2000Yeah thats what i guessed
Jan_Kuipersstubbscroll: of course some brainstorming with my manager
CuongPham810/: /search dimkadimon
Jan_Kuipersstubbscroll: couple of time per week
NAFI-AUSTsatej: satej vaia are u there.. ami boro somossar moddhe asi..
ganesh1977_2000Basically you guys need people who can convert a formula into code
yahoo1ganesh1977_2000: Not at all. We are looking for smart people who can take an open problem, come up with a solution and the code it up.
stubbscrollJan_Kuipers: sounds good
Jan_Kuipersstubbscroll: I'm really liking it here...
yahoo1ganesh1977_2000: In geenral we are looking for good problem solvers.
hahayahoo1: That's what I am interested in :)
Jan_Kuipersstubbscroll: excellent place to spend the summer
ganesh1977_2000Ok...A Problem can have million faces do you believe only one can solve?
Jan_Kuipersstubbscroll: and they're also organizing lots of fun things for the interns and for the other employees
thearrogantoneyahoo1: what areas are you guys working on in the india center?
stubbscrollJan_Kuipers: it turns out yahoo has an office in the city i plan to move to this autumn, so i might get a chance to work there too :)
Jan_Kuipersstubbscroll: where are you moving to?
stubbscrollJan_Kuipers: trondheim (norway)
nicka81amorosov: privetik ;-)
ganesh1977_2000Even if we assume that, when you put on a group how will you make sure he is the best bet
Jan_Kuipersstubbscroll: that's cool
yahoo1thearrogantone: Yahoo India is working on a lot of development related projects.
yahoo2ganesh1977_2000: not sure I understand the question
yahoo1thearrogantone: Several modules are developled entirely in Bangalore others are joint efforts between Sunnyvale and Bangalore.
yahoo2stubbscroll: trondheim is where most of our vertical search effort is
fornixyahoo doesn't need any Machine level language skills?
thearrogantoneyahoo1: anything related to information retrieval/machine learning/algorithms?
yahoo1thearrogantone: Yes, a lot of work in IR/Machine Learning/Data Mining
stubbscrollJan_Kuipers: hmm, what's "vertical search"?
yahoo1thearrogantone: I work in the Data Research team within SDS. We do a lot of data mining.
yahoo1thearrogantone: Yahoo! Search has a lot of people who work in that area.
yahoo1thearrogantone: Then there is Y! Research Labs.
thearrogantoneyahoo1: in bangalore you mean?
Dumitruhaha: usually, how many people does a yahoo group contains ?
TucTheAngryBut i think the real question is if Yahoo needs a classical pianist. :-P
yahoo1thearrogantone: Yes, even in Bangalore.
NAFI-AUSTsatej: satej vai r u there..
yahoo1thearrogantone: Part of our data research team is in B'lore.
yahoo2stubbscroll: a vertical is a property like Mail or Autos
thearrogantoneyahoo1: sounds good. how does one to that group?
thearrogantoneyahoo1: *sorry i meant how does one apply to that group?
Dumitruhaha: by the way, you didn't yet answer to the question about - does Yahoo pay the trip of the employed worker from a foreign country ?
yahoo2Dumitru: if a group decides to hire you from your own country and move you, then they will cover your trip
satejNAFI-AUST: hi
Dumitruyahoo2: nice :)
satejNAFI-AUST: i am here
ganesh1977_2000yahoo1: are you guys optimizing the search algorithm
NAFI-AUSTsatej: vaia amar code compile hoy na..
Jan_KuipersDumitru: yep, that was very nice of them
satejNAFI-AUST: ki bole
yahoo1thearrogantone: No, I am based in Sunnyvale.
yahoo2ganesh1977_2000: all the time
ganesh1977_2000yahoo1: I know you guys use inktomi's
ganesh1977_2000yahoo1: and in regards to sitematch
satejNAFI-AUST: ki bole compiler message
ganesh1977_2000yahoo1: did you guys came up with an api idea or not?
hahaganesh1977_2000: Yahoo acquired inktomi, actually
ganesh1977_2000yahoo1: haha i know
NAFI-AUSTsatej: emni Run kore seta practice room e 24 ta error..
thearrogantoneyahoo1: what skill sets are you guys looking at?
yahoo1ganesh1977_2000: We have an entire search team that is working on optimization of the search results/ ranking/ relevance etc.
satejNAFI-AUST: main baad dao
hahaganesh1977_2000: That means inktomi employees are mostly now Yahoo employees
NAFI-AUSTsatej: disi..
yahoo1thearrogantone: Different groups obviously need different skill sets.
satejNAFI-AUST: tomar vstudio te run kore?
ganesh1977_2000yahoo1: and i've met them
ganesh1977_2000yahoo1: sorry
NAFI-AUSTsatej: ha kore..
ganesh1977_2000haha: i ve met them
yahoo2ganesh1977_2000: yes a lot of the inktomi folks are still here, including myself
thearrogantoneyahoo1: very true. but what are the broad areas ?
NAFI-AUSTsatej: ans o ase..
CVTDo you use c++ or php since Yahoo uses php + Mysql?
yahoo1thearrogantone: In particular the SDS team needs people who are good with data ... able to handle and process large vols of data.
smartnut007how do we make yahoo india look at topcoder members? I want to know if i can apply for internship position for yahoo india?
satejNAFI-AUST: tahole jeta hocche eta gcc ar visual studio er moddhe diff
hahaBy the way, do the best to be in Topcoder Open onsite this year (We have 48 seats). Probably they will have a trip to Yahoo headquarters.
lbackstromJan_Kuipers: can you give us a brief meta-level explanation of how yahoo search works?
relicyahoo1: How to apply for yahoo @banglore positions?(through topcoder)
ganesh1977_2000haha: I've been there for 3 days
yahoo1thearrogantone: Further, we are looking for people with stats/data mining/ machine learning background to analyze the data and glean insights.
NAFI-AUSTsatej: but practice roome asle hajar ta error ber hoy..
hahaganesh1977_2000: When?
Jan_Kuiperslbackstrom: I really doubt whether I'm allowed to
ganesh1977_2000haha: Last year
Jan_Kuiperslbackstrom: ask yahoo2
ganesh1977_2000haha: not from tc
Jan_Kuiperslbackstrom: he knows the search engine better than I do
smartnut007how do we apply for yahoo bangalore?
ganesh1977_2000haha: its a business visit
lbackstromyahoo2: can you give us a brief meta-level explanation of how yahoo search works? In particular, I'm curious to what extent the content of the page being search for is used vs. the content of linked sites and such.
smartnut007relic:apparently no body cares about us or yahoo bangalore...
relicsmartnut007: may be they dont want us :(
yahoo1Folks there are a lot of questions about applying specifically to Y! Bangalore.
yahoo1I am trying to find out the person/email.
nicka81amorosov: da ja ponimaju
yahoo1We have a lot of opportunities in Bangalore.
ganesh1977_2000yahoo1: how does overture fits in Yahoo?
dimkadimonlbackstrom: I dont think they are allowed to tell you that
ilhamyahoo1: is there any opportunities in Indonesia?
yahoo2lbackstrom: there are various different components of the search architecture, we have a crawling system fetching pages from the web, a web graph system, a document processing system running various filters on documents, and finally runtime query process
smartnut007yahoo1: ok do let us know the mail id of the person concern in yahoo bangalore who might appreciate topcoder rankings...before the end of this chat .
yahoo2lbackstrom: but i can't really say much about the specifics of link text vs page content
yahoo1Here is the URL for Bangalore related positions:
gt494smartnut007: if you opt-in on the yahoo TC site we will make sure they get your info
yahoo1thearrogantone: Should not be a problem. Let them know of the situation and your travel plans.
ganesh1977_2000yahoo1: do you guys do the background of the domain like google does?
smartnut007gt494: ok cool thanks.
yahoo1ganesh1977_2000: Not sure I undertand your question.
Mattmanyahoo1: can you start the competition now? :-D
Mattmanyahoo1: hehe
yahoo1ganesh1977_2000: We do have a Domain Match product.
ganesh1977_2000yahoo1: like owned by google
jdutta78revtekniques: hi john
smartnut007do you have something similar to google 20% time?
hahasmartnut007: no
ganesh1977_2000smartnut007: they have a different view
Mattmanman, you guys have so many questions about google, why don't you just go work for them :-P
MattmanI'll take a Yahoo job ;)
fornixif any one hires u that is...
ganesh1977_2000smartnut007: mattman, its fun because
yahoo1Folks please be sure to opt-in as gt494 has suggested. That way we will have your contact information.
yahoo1Especially people interested in Y! Bangalore jobs.
yahoo2smartnut007: it is upto the group that you're in really, but we like to hire candidates for roles that they are really interested in, i.e. 100% of the time, and there is plenty of flexibility to move around
ganesh1977_2000yahoo1: i didn't opt in
thearrogantoneyahoo1: me neither
gt494ganesh1977_2000: go here:
smartnut007Mattman: I agree . the obsession with google is cause of its unconventional everythingractices
ganesh1977_2000yahoo1: i come here fun fun only fun
ganesh1977_2000gt494: thanks man but i'm not
relicganesh1977_2000: where do you work?
mckavityJohn Dethridge: congrats on itting 100 matches!
ganesh1977_2000relic: thats a surprise
yahoo1ganesh1977_2000: AT Yahoo! one important thing for us is to have fun!
ganesh1977_2000yahoo1: I like your game rooms
fornixya chess is too gud
ganesh1977_2000yahoo1: i love your messenger
dimkadimonI LOVE Yahoo games
smartnut007here in india there is always a half a million other students to compete for a job. so suppose i want a yahoo job may have to do an MS in the stuck with a IT services job herel.
vip1711i love all of your service, auctions, games, messenger ...
fornixbut y does y msgr take abt 25-30 MB of my ram?
dimkadimonOthello, Dominoes, and checkers are the best
John Dethridgemckavity: ta :)
ganesh1977_2000yahoo1: I think its time for fun
ganesh1977_2000If its too mathematical i will lower my rating
sowengood luck buddy~~~~~, the game is on.......
ganesh1977_2000Good luck all
yahoo1smartnut007: You do not need to have an MS from a US university to get a position with Y! India.
pranavyahoo1: ernest request, do some renovation of Y! Messenger for Linux, please
hahafornix: See you later :)
yahoo1smartnut007: Several of my colleagues have degrees from Indian universities.
thearrogantoneyahoo1: can you tell us a bit more about what yahoo india is doing? how does a guy with BE(CS)+MS(CS) fit into the bangalore center?
fornixyes haha
smartnut007yahoo1: did you guys notice one thing with new beta version of yahoo.....;-) yahoo search box seems to make its presence everywhere it a desp attempt ;-)
Jan_Kuipersgood luck with the SRM today, everyone!!
yahoo1Good luck with the SRM everyone.
yahoo2Good luck! All
Jan_Kuipersyahoo2: you aren't participating?
Jan_Kuipersyahoo2: :)
yahoo2Jan_Kuipers: too late, registration is closed i think
thearrogantoneyahoo1: and one final question. how do i apply?
yahoo2Jan_Kuipers: is a good starting point.
thearrogantoneyahoo1: for bangalore too?
yahoo2thearrogantone: yes you can look for jobs in all our locations
yahoo1Yes, all global opportunities are listed there.
thearrogantoneyahoo1: what is the response time? i.e. how quickly do they get back to you with a yes or a no?
yahoo1I also pointed you to our India site:
yahoo1Typically very quickly.
yahoo1Recruiters monitor the applications and then pursue things with the hiring managers.
thearrogantoneyahoo1: i am asking the question again (it seems like you missed it). how does a guy with BE(CS)+MS(CS) fit into the bangalore center?
yahoo1Yes, definitely.
yahoo1A lot of opportunities, depending on what you plan to do.
yahoo1I told you a bit about my group ...
yahoo1SDS covers all aspects of data ... warehousing, analytics, business intelligence, data mining etc.
thearrogantoneyahoo1: ok. let me put it this way. can i get a "research" job as opposed to a vanilla coding job? or is it just reserved for PhDs ?
yahoo1No you can also get a research position.
yahoo1Please bear in mind that this will not be the typical research that you think of in a research lab.
yahoo1For that we have Y! research labs.
yahoo1Here the research is focused on more applied problems.
thearrogantoneyahoo1: sounds good. i will certainly consider applying to yahoo! bangalore once i get back. they just need to be fast in getting back to me.
yahoo1Problems that will help the different business units improve the user experience.
yahoo1and / or increase monetization potential.
thearrogantoneyahoo1: alright. thanks guys. thanks for your time. i am outta here.
yahoo1Good luck.
thearrogantoneyahoo1: thanks.
jai_vigneshhi yah
yahoo2jai_vignesh: hi
jai_vigneshplease to meet you
yahoo2jai_vignesh: likewise
thearrogantoneyahoo1: so i just checked the yahoo bangalore openings. i am interested in the research scientist position. but it says " M.S./Ph.D. or equivalent in Comp. Sc., Statistics or Math / 5+years "
jai_vigneshI am from India
thearrogantoneyahoo1: ok. so i have the qualifications but not the "5+years" experience. now what?
yahoo1thearrogantone: I recommend that you go ahead and apply.
yahoo1thearrogantone: Sometimes, depending on the candidate and background managers might be willing to consider applications that don't meet all criteria.
yahoo2thearrogantone: go ahead and apply anyway, the requirements aren't always rigid,
jai_vigneshyahoo2: Sir, I am from India and an from Energy systems with strong programming skills , Even in assembly language
jai_vigneshyahoo2: I did my masters from IIT-BOMBAY (iNDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY)
yahoo1thearrogantone: Can you give me your email address? I can also forward your contact to make sure that things are speeded up.
yahoo2once again, thanks everyone, for coming to the chat session, we'll be signing out now
yahoo1Thanks everyone for attending the chat session. I will be signing off now.