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2003 TopCoder Open sponsord by Intel®

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Online Elimination Rounds

All eligible TopCoder members may compete in Online Round 1 of the Component Tournament. For design, the top eight scorers from Round 1 will advance. The top eight scorers from Round 1 along with the winners of the previous quarterly component design contests will compete in Online Round 2. For development, the top ten scorers from Round 1 will compete in Online Round 2. The top two scorers from Round 2 will compete in the Championship Round at Mohegan Sun on December 5th.

Round Development Design
Online Round 1
Projects posted 09.02.03 12:00am 09.04.03 12:00am
Submission deadline 09.15.03 11:59pm 09.17.03 11:59pm
Winners announced 10.02.03 10.02.03
Online Round 2
Projects posted 10.07.03 12:00am 10.09.03 12:00am
Submission deadline 10.20.03 11:59pm 10.22.03 11:59pm
Winners announced 11.06.03 11.06.03
Onsite Championship Round 3
Projects posted 11.11.03 12:00am 11.11.03 12:00am
Submission deadline 11.20.03 11:59pm 11.20.03 11:59pm
Submissions posted 11.26.03 6:00pm 11.26.03 6:00pm
Final fixes* 12.05.03 8:00am - 12:00pm 12.05.03 8:00am - 12:00pm
Final reviews* 12.05.03 12:15pm - 3:30pm 12.05.03 12.15pm - 3:30pm
Winners announced* 12.05.03 4:20pm 12.05.03 4:20pm
*These times are subject to change