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View the component tournament progress live! Every half hour, the latest submissions from both the designers and developers will be posted on the Live Updates page! Each submission will include the latest class, sequence and use case diagrams as well as the component specification and java files. You can also see the initial review scorecards for each competitor. Click on the "View" buttons below to launch the submissions browser!

Don't forget to watch the competitors stage their appeals and discuss their submissions with the review board and the project managers live in the Arena applet.

Design Finals
Pops   kyky  
Member since: 04.17.01   08.02.01  
Total earnings: $15,966.62   $4,670.75  
TC rating: 1703   2138  
Initial score: 92.63   86.87  
Final score: 92.24   86.65  
Live Updates:
Development Finals
aksonov   rnielsen  
Member since: 04.17.02   09.10.01  
Total earnings: $5,193.45   $24.00  
TC rating: 1572   1293  
Initial score: 85.31   84.71  
Final score: 66.06   88.70  
Live Updates: