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Chat transcript from SRM 365
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Lilly_AndyGood afternoon/morning/evening !
jmpld40Welcome to the Lilly chat
katiehello all...feel free to ask representatives from Lilly questions about their open positions
Sunny_05katie: do we have internship oppurtunities in india?
Lilly_AndyHi everyone - welcome to the Lilly shat session - feel free to ask any questions
katieSunny_05: hello...at this time we are looking primarily for full time positions. but i would invite you to email me at kkittle@topcoder.com to stay in touch with me should this change
mnemonic_fxwhat kind of position related to software / programming in Lilly ?
Lilly_MarkPat will answer that one
m4risUwhere in spain are you located?
Lilly_PatrickWe have SE positions open for individuals with OO AD and construction experience
katiem4risU: hello...i would be happy to discuss the positions that Lilly has available and where
Lilly_AndyHi m4risU - our Spanish site is located in Alcobendas - about 20 mins outside Madrid
Lilly_Patrickworking with out scientists on application that can be used by all of Lilly world wide
katiem4risU: or Andy can help you ;)
metdoshow many people are working for IT department?
lovroLilly_Patrick: can you provide an example?
mnemonic_fxis there any specific requirements for that SE ? besides general OO AD & construction
m4risUkatie: thanks, this time i'm really concerned to get something outside of my country like never before
Lilly_PatrickC# .net, Oracle, vs2005, etc
Lilly_Mark240 World wide... in teh Discovery IT arena.... with do have other ITdepartments as well
katiem4risU: no problem. if you can, email me at kkitle@topcoder.com and i can fill you in!
m4risUkatie: in fact i do not care about country
m4risUkatie: i'll email
katiem4risU: great!
Lilly_Patrickmost of our open positions are in Discovery IT, although there are other positions available, see lilly.com
m4risUkatie: ok, but before i need to know what is on lilly.com
katiem4risU: by all means you can look at this but i can also send you some additional information
m4risUwhat if i do not have mastr degree?
Lilly_Patrickwww.lscdd.lilly.com is where all of the Singapore positions are located, with descriptions of the positions, etc
rohitgupta14Lilly_Andy: Hello Andy
Lilly_Patrickwww.lilly.com gives information for all our open positions in all areas
Lilly_Patrickmasters is prefered but we understand that not everyone hs that
katiem4risU: you can also apply here: http://www.topcoder.com/tc?module=Static&d1=tournaments&d2=tccc07&d3=sponsorpatrons&d4=lilly
katiem4risU: http://www.topcoder.com/tc?module=Static&d1=tournaments&d2=tccc07&d3=sponsorpatrons&d4=lilly
rohitgupta14Lilly_Andy: I am doing fine.. how about you
pra123Abednego: haan
Lilly_Andygood thanks - any particualr aspects of Lilyl you are interested in ?
m4risUkatie: but there are three choices, can i take two or three of them?
katiem4risU: don't worry about that. as long as your preferences on TC are updated i can submit your profile to Lilly
katiedoes anyone have questions about the type of work that Lilly is doing?
m4risUkatie: i did not see this page before...
Lilly_AndyOk - the main areas that we work on are the bespoke development of software solutions to meet the business needs of scientists, these projects can take many differnet forms - but our basics are C# .net, Oracle, vs2005, etc
m4risUkatie: and... kkitle@topcoder.com bounces emails
Lilly_Andydevelopment is usually very iterative with our scientific partners
m4risUare you looking for application testers?
Lilly_Andywe'll usually try to hook up to potentially new MS technologies quite rapidly
Lilly_Andyour business partners are scientists who like to experiment
Lilly_PatrickWe are really looking for the full life cycle of systems development, we try not to just specialize on just one area
katiem4risU: ahh...that's cuz i spelled my own name incorrectly
katiem4risU: kkittle@topcoder.com
katiem4risU: whoops!
Lilly_RickMuch of our application development is focused on data integration using composite applications - MS CAB is our current framework - using SOA
Lilly_RickAnyone familiar with the Composite Application Block?
crash.viruscjoakes22: hello thr
cjoakes22crash.virus: hello.
crash.viruscjoakes22: can i get internship in the company
cjoakes22crash.virus: I am sure katie can helo you with that
maniekwhat about positions in Warsaw (mentioned in the forums)? What do You do in Warsaw?
Lilly_PatrickIn the Lilly Singapore Centre for Drug Discovery, in the Integrative Computational Sciences group, we currently have a lot of openings for SEs and Informatics/Algorithms type of positions
vimanis sumting happening here ?
crash.viruskatie: hello thr
jmpld40Lilly_Andy: Can you tell us where your offices are located?
vimanhiee katie
katiecrash.virus: i'd be happy to discuss what is available. please email me at kkittle@topcoder.com
flyingdog88is there any position in Shanghai?
katieviman: hi there
vimanwell u got nething in india ?
vimanor nearby like the ASEAN ?
crash.viruskatie: i am btech 2nd year student
vimankatie: hi katie
crash.viruskatie: what kind of oppurtunity can i get
Lilly_Patrickwe work iwth Shanghai but most of our positions are in the Singapore area for Asia
vimankatie: u got nething in singapore ?
Lilly_MarkWe have Discovery centers in Indianpolis Shanghai, Alcobendas (Spain) South UK, and various smaller development offices in Eastern Europe.
vimankatie: can u plzz describe the specifications
Lilly_Patrickwe have lot's of things in Singapore
katiecrash.virus: i'd be happy to email you additional information if you'd like to me kkittle@topcoder.com
vimankatie: plzz temme abt oppurtunities in singapore and europe
viman plzz temme abt oppurtunities in singapore and europe
katieviman: those defintiely exist, if you can email me at kkittle@topcoder.com
Lilly_Andymaniek: We are in the process of setting up a small team of developers in Warsaw - these will be Software engineers - focused on the coding of apps for UK/Spain and Indianapolis
katieviman: i can email you additional information
m4risUkatie: how can i pass recommendations?
vimanok.. and wt all do u expect from me in the mail ?
m4risUkatie: i just confirmed i can get some from TC employees
Lilly_MarkWe have a ... partnership with a company in Shanghai... but no development opportunities at teh moment
vahemHi Eli Lilly folks!
vahemDo you have internship positions in US for students studying out of US?
jmpld40Lilly_Patrick: Pat, what is the draw for TC members to work at your company?
katiem4risU: do you mean pass screening to work for Lilly?
Lilly_RickWe have a summer internship program in Indianapolis
rajeevkHi All
katievahem: hello! i am working with Lilly and would happy to correspond with you about their opportunities
rajeevkI am new to this ...
m4risUkatie: in fact i do not have at papers, but they are TC employees so I do not know how to do it :D
vimando u expect the resume to be attached with the mail ?
katievahem: you can email me at kkittle@topcoder.com and i discuss
rajeevkcan any one tell me how to join the competition
rajeevki just regidtered
mogersLilly_Rick: how those internships work ?
vimanrajeevk: click on active contest and register
katieviman: update this link and it gives you opp to upload resume
Lilly_PatrickMost of our work in Drug Discovery, especially in Singapore, is that you work f=very closely with the informatics team and scientists in biology and chemisty
vahemkatie: Hi. Thank you kkatie! I'll send you an email right now.
Gando19850304rajeevk: You mean this SRM???????
rajeevkkatie: yes
katievahem: perfect! that link was meant for you btw ;
metdosLilly_Rick: Are you taking interns from outside of United States?
Lilly_RickThe US internships are conducted in conjunction with our campus recruiting in the spring
rajeevkGando19850304: Yes
vahemkatie: Oh, thanks
rftottHi, all.
Gando19850304rajeevk: Click the Active Contests. Select the Match and click on the Enter when the match is started.
vimanthanx katie
crash.viruskatie: how u see india
ibommisettyHi, do you guys hire non-CS graduates?
katiemetdos: i can also discss what Lilly is doing. my email is kkittle@topcoder.com
metdoskatie: ok, thanks
Gando19850304rajeevk: The position of Enter will be at the position of Register.
katiecrash.virus: i'm not sure what you mean?
rajeevkGando19850304: Ok got it. So the Enter option will be available only once the match starts
rftottLilly_Andy: Hi, Andy. I would ask you a question: do you have plans to contract foreign people to work to Eli Lilly?
crash.viruskatie: How you see India as recruting place
Gando19850304rajeevk: You will easily find it .
Lilly_Markyes Lilly .. is a large organization and we do take non CS graduates... see www.lilly.com for opportunities
rajeevkGando19850304: Correct me if I am wrong
crash.viruskatie: you can come to our college
Gando19850304rajeevk: Yes, you are right.
crash.viruskatie: Our campus placements are going on
rajeevkGando19850304: Thaks a lot and all the best for the Competition
Gando19850304rajeevk: Sometimes, 5 minutes before it starts.
rajeevkGando19850304: Nice meeting U
Lilly_Rickmetdos: check with Lilly_Patrick for OUS internships
katiecrash.virus: hmmm, well i know we are always discussing different recruiting efforts but i am not aware of current plans to visit there. however, i would suggest you email me at kkittle@topcoder.com and i can direct you to somebody who can help!
ferrizzirftott: tott, vc quer trabalhar na eli lilly?
Lilly_PatrickWe are looking for individuals in Singapore from the entire region, India, China, Australia, etc
Gando19850304rajeevk: Nice meeting you too. Good luck. My Email wstcwstc222@gmail.com
Lilly_Patrickall over the region
Gando19850304rajeevk: Have fun.
Lilly_Ricksamsam: we have partnerships in India, but no Lilly facilities
rajeevkviman: Thanks dude... All the best for the Contest
ibommisettyLilly_Patrick: Hi, do you guys hire non-CS graduates?
JanqOne of research and development IT centre is in Czech Rep. What a kind of job are you doing there ?
Lilly_Andyrftott: HI - we do have opportunities for Fixed duration contracts - in Poland and the Czech republic
rftottferrizzi: Cara, trabalhar no exterior? Claro qe sim!
Lilly_PatrickYes, we hire non-CS graduates with the right experience, knowledge, learning agility, etc
aurorLilly_Patrick: what kind of positions is available in Singapore? :D
ferrizzirftott: ai na usp vc nao ve cartazes com propostas de trabalho no exterior?
ferrizzirftott: aqui de vez em qdo aparece
Lilly_PatrickSoftware Engineers with OO AD, Informatics, Biology, Chemistry
Lilly_AndyJanq: these will be Software engineers - focused on the coding of apps for UK/Spain and Indianapolis
Lilly_PatrickOO AD = Object Oriented Analysis and Design
SIGCHLDFMX: hi FMX. how r u?
FMXLilly_Andy: i am curious about th work.. how does a programmer relate to pharmaceutical work??
rftottLilly_Andy: So it's not on the Eli Lilly plans to contract people for permanent job positions? Like, I'm Brazilian, but I'm interested in moving to another country, maybe in europe, beacuse i have spanish decendence.
aurorLilly_Patrick: is it possible to work for Lilly while taking... say a part-time masters degree ?
FMXSIGCHLD: best of luck for TCCC studio ?
SIGCHLDFMX: thx. the same for u
rftottLilly_Andy: But moving to europe is kind of inviable without a permanent job position.
rftottferrizzi: J� ouviu falar na express�o: Atirar pra tudo quanto � lado?
katierftott: please email me at kkittle@topcoder.com and i can fill you in about locations and such
Lilly_PatrickYes, absolutely, depending on what your actual availability would be, we do not restrict folks from going to school
Lilly_Patrickactually, we encourage it
Lilly_RickLilly has multiple IT groups - DIT is focused on developing solutions for our scientists in research and development
Lilly_Markas a programmer... there is a lot of interaction with Scientists / business integrators to understand requirements, as well as building applications
exploit_ithiya,all guys...
Lilly_Markthre is also alot of ... development around integrating existing systems, streamlining, applications and facilitating the retirement of older legacy systems..
Lilly_RickThe software engineering work revolves around custom applications that allow our scientists to visualize and integrate scientific data
Lilly_Andyrftott: OK - i understand your question - dependant upon the location the contracts can be open or fixed - in th case of CR and Pol they are currently fixed, but for example on a two year contract we could work with the local HR teams to set up work
Lilly_Andyrftott: permits/visa's on individual basis
mh2753what are the locations again?
FMXLilly_Patrick: which aspect of a programmer you give more weigh to...algorithmic skills/ language knwledge / experience in developemtn side/ innovativeness(my quality:) )
katiemh2753: this is a good starting point: http://forums.topcoder.com/?module=ThreadList&forumID=516707&mc=3
Lilly_AndyJanq: The education requirements to not include the need to be educationally-qualified in the science
Lilly_PatrickAll of the above, as we have many positions open and we have the ability to place the individual on a team that will balance their expertise
Lilly_MarkIndianpolis, Alcobendas(Spain), South UK, Eastern Europe (Prague) Singapore
Lilly_AndyJanq: but we do want people who have the desire to understand the science to a level which allows the application to be usful to the scientist
gururaja.hegdehow to register?
m4risULilly_Andy: you told about Australia too
Abednegogururaja.hegde: ActiveContests-->Single...-->Register
m4risULilly_Andy: oh, sorry it was Pat
FMXLilly_Patrick: if you hire a person, do you sponsoer work visa too, in case the candidate doesnt have it?
Lilly_AndyEduard_RAU: Hi - we do not usually do work from home/over the internet roles - this is because we like to ensure a strong degree of interaction with collegues in the office to use approaches such as paired programming
Alex_KPRVC15: =)
gcdartLilly_Patrick: Hi, how much approximately does Eli Lilly Pay a starter?
kokorochihow to compete
mh2753what is the kind of profile you are looking for? education qualification, experience etc.
n_i_r_a_n_j_a_nLilly_Andy: Do you have development offices in India?
Lilly_PatrickYes, we do, you need to be sponsored by a company in Singapore before entering Singapore
Lilly_RickLilly compensation is commensurate with location and experience
vijay007amitsurana: ru fom india
screaseyLilly_Andy: send an invite?
turuthokLilly_Andy: Any location in SF Bay Area?
vijay007amitsurana: ru there?
Lilly_Patrickfor business that is
gcdartLilly_Patrick: Can you give me an approximate idea, of what it is in the US?
Lilly_RickNo SF Bay locations
VC15Alex_KPR: =)
Lilly_Patrickyes, I have one of my colleages answering the salary question
turuthokLilly_Rick: Thanks ... based on your high-interaction with colleagues thingy, I guess it's impossible for me ...
vks_technoguruany oppprotunities in india??/
Lilly_Andyn_i_r_a_n_j_a_n: no offices in India i'm afraid - we work with Indian companies as partners but we do not have our own site in India
Lilly_Patrickas where in the US makes a huge difference depending on cost of living
almaz_cKBTU ?
Lilly_RickOur salaries are competitive with the industry
n_i_r_a_n_j_a_nLilly_Andy: Oh. Ok. So where all in Asia/Pacific region do you have your own facilities?
piroslwhat means exectly competitive with the industry?
marutibLilly_Andy: So do u people take interns ?9/12/07 10:52 AM neolles How about in china?
FMXkatie: i got ur mail regarding forwarding my resume to eli liliy, after approx how much time will i hear from them?
FMXkatie: i got ur mail regarding forwarding my resume to eli liliy, after approx how much time will i hear from them?
Ye_Jian_Weirucasi: wei
katieFMX: within the next two weeks
quarkflavourSIGCHLD: ciao, complimenti, ho visto che hai migliorato parecchio! :)
eduardomelendezLilly_Andy: Do you have site in Venezuela?
Lilly_MarkNo Discovery sites in Venezuela....
Lilly_MarkWe have sales... site in Venezuela.
FMXLilly_Andy: how does the procedure go. i mean wat happens next after shortlisting of resumes?
rasto6sk22 seconds late :((
rasto6ski dont like this IE
lidaobingraashi: pat
Lilly_Andypirosl: The salary question is good - but it would be wrong to generalise - we would need to speak to you personally katie as our TopCoders recruitment representative - then we can talk on an individual basis
katiepirosl: i would be happy to help you. please email me at kkittle@topcoder.com
jmpld40Thanks very much Lilly folks
Lilly_MarkNo problem...
Lilly_RickThank you
jmpld40if any one has any additional questinos for Lilly, post here:
liux0229catus: hi~
Lilly_Patrickcool, thanks folks, nice chatting
n_i_r_a_n_j_a_nLilly_Andy: Do you take fresh MBA grads as well?
m4risUthank you too
Lilly_Andyno problem - i hope everone got the answers they were looking for - good luck in the competitions!
[loku]admins: hello thr, why the "enter" is not active ?
katien_i_r_a_n_j_a_n: you can email me at kkittle@topcoder.com and i would happy to get your information to LIlly