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Chat transcript from SRM 374
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kcluneslex: Are you back home, or are you still here in the states?
slexkclune: I'm back in Poland
kcluneslex: very good. From what they've told me they are looking for people in Europe, so be sure to ask them where exactly.
kcluneDB_Clio: Hi Clio, it was a pleasure meeting you last week.
kcluneDB_Clio: I hope you had a safe and uneventful flight home.
DB_ClioHi Kevin. Good to meet you too.
DB_Markkclune: Clio gets all the good jobs :-)
kcluneDB_Mark: I bet. :-)
kcluneDB_Mark: I'm sorry you weren't able to make it, but I think it was very successful, and we appreciate you all being there.
DB_ClioMark - some treats will be arriving soon
kcluneWelcome to all of the TC members here. Do you have any questions for the Deutsche Bank reps that are here?
DB_MarkKevin - is it true Clio is the TopCoder Poker Champion now?
kcluneDB_Mark: that's the rumor.
InsightI do. Is DB interested in looking for quants or programmers?
DB_ClioInsight: Yes, absolutely
InsightI applied to DB and was rejected,
DB_ClioInsight: Both
DB_ClioInsight: When did you apply?
InsightThat didn't make an ounce of sense to me, I have a pretty strong physics/cs background. I guessed it might be because my TC rating has plummeted
InsightNo, May or June, I think.
DB_ClioInsight: For the graduate training program?
InsightNo, nonspecifically, via topcoder's applet thing.
InsightI just hit a yes button.
DB_ClioInsight: When do you graduate?
nitdgpDB_Clio: what are the requirements, I mean technologies, a student should know
InsightI have an honors degree in CS and physics, and I was in a PHD at Princeton for Plasma Physics
InsightI'm on a leave of absence
InsightSo, I graduated from my BSc in 2005, and my PHD graduation is indeterminate.
DB_Marknitdgp: For the graduate training programme, it is more to do with your degree qualifications
slexHi, where in Europe do you currently have openings?
DB_ClioInsight: Very impressive. We'll take another look at your resume and get back to you.
nitdgpi was informed through mail that I am rejected
DB_Marknitdgp: Any of the topcoder programming languages (Java, C++, C#, vb.net) would be of interest
DB_Clioslex: For the graduate training program, we have positions in Moscow, London and Frankfurt
nitdgpwhat is the basis I might have been rejected?
DB_Marknitdgp: As we're recruiting through topcoder, we're using the topcoder rating as part of the screening process
slexDB_Clio: And for professionals?
nitdgpDB_Mark: okk
DB_Clioslex: Most of our IT jobs are in these locations, but there may be some in other regions
DB_Marknitdgp: If you want to apply the traditional route, you can go to db.com/careers and do it that way
HamedHi, I just got here.. What level of education are you looking for in new recruits?
slexDB_Clio: What would be the recruitment process for a person from Poland?
nitdgpDB_Mark: Will it help or I would be rejected as I was rejected through this process?
DB_ClioHamed: For the graduate program, we are looking for people with degrees, either undergrad or graduate.
HamedWhat is this graduate program?
DB_Clioslex: Are you open to working in Moscow, one of our major development centres
DB_Marknitdgp: I don't know if you will be successful or not going that route, but they will take all of your experience into account
nitdgpDB_Mark: so are blue's entertained or even high rating is required
Uranium-235When expressing interest in a DB position, how long does it normally take TC to get in touch?
slexDB_Clio: I would prefer an English or Polish speaking country
DB_Marknitdgp: Blues are entertained.
DB_SergeyHamed: Graduate program is the training program for graduates out of the university
DB_MarkUranium-235: Have you already applied?
DB_ClioHamed: It is an 18 month program consisting of six weeks of training in london and two rotations. For more information, you can go to http://www.db.com/careers/en/498.html
Uranium-235I got an automated message a week ago, or so, and never heard anything else.
elmariachi1414How can one apply for graduate training program?
DB_MarkUranium-235: We've had quite a few applicants express an interest, and we are currently working our way through everyone
Uranium-235Oh, OK, well it will probably take a while to work you way down to me :)
DB_Clioslex: Have you submitted your resume through TopCoder to us?
elmariachi1414Can you tell about positions available in Moscow?
DB_MarkUranium-235: If your profile has a CV, you will be responded to quicker
{magneto}Do u have branches in India ?
DB_MarkUranium-235: :-)
slexDB_Clio: I believe I did
kcluneFor all of the TC members, it is a good idea to update your profile with a resume or CV for employment opportunities.
DB_Clioelmariachi1414: Submit your resume through TopCoder, as well as through the DB Careers website at http://www.db.com/careers
{magneto}DB_Clio: Do u have branches in India ?
DB_Clioelmariachi1414: There are various application development positions in Moscow.
kcluneYou can do that here:
DB_Mark(magneto): Hi Magneto
elmariachi1414DB_Clio: Thank you
JongManI'm interested about doing internships next summer
DB_Mark(magneto): We don't have so many vacancies in India, I'm afraid.
JongManand I'm wondering if there are any (international) positions available
kcluneAnyone interested in applying to DB should go here:
{magneto}DB_Mark: Hi Mark ! I am from India, and I wanna know if there are any internship oppurtunities available at Deutsche Bank, India
JongMankatie told me that you are currently looking for interns too
DB_Mark(magneto): Hi Magneto
{magneto}DB_Mark: ok, thanx :)
DB_Mark(magneto): I will find out for you and double check
kcluneYou will get liniked to the DB careers page, but you will also be put into the TC reporting page.
DB_Mark(magneto): Have you expressed an interest in DB via TC?
DB_Clio{magneto}: There are no internship positions in India. There may be some limited positions available for the graduate training program. Please visit www.db.com/careers/en/1278.html for more info.
slexDB_Clio: I got an automated e-mail reply that "Someone will get back to you with a response shortly" a month ago
DB_Clioslex: We are currently reviewing resumes and matching them as positions become available.
DB_Markslex: We're still working our way through the applicants
DB_Markslex: Does your your profile have a Resume attached?
kcluneIf you do not opt into the positions using this link:
DB_ClioJongMan: Yes, we have an internship program in a number of locations. Please visit www.db.com/careers/en/7991.html for more details.
slexDB_Mark: Yes it has, I'll make sure it's up to date
DB_MarkJongMan: What country are based in, and where are you interested in working?
kcluneand you go to the DB careers page, please make sure you note that you are a TC member.
DB_Markslex: I will check it tomorrow
slexDB_Mark: Cool, thanks
DB_MarkTo save Kevin's typing, you can also apply via www.topcoder.com/deutschebank
kcluneDB_Mark: I'm just copying and pasting. :-)
JongManDB_Mark: I'm based in Korea, but I am willing to go to US
DB_MarkDoes everyone here know what sort of computing problems investment banks have to deal with?
Hamedmahdi_a: Hi!
Hamedmahdi_a: How are you? :)
JongManNo, please explain
zuloDB_Mark: I know :) mainly copy-paste from one table to another :)
DB_Sergeyelmariachi1414: When you start on the graduate program you will be joining the bank as an analyst. There are different roles availible for analysts including technical and non-technical. In your case you would be joining a technical team
DB_Markzulo: :-)
Leonidi'm looking for internership anywhere in the EU, do you have available positions or more info about that?
JongManMaybe some kind of hardcore optimized trading systems?
srik_samaDB_Mark: I would like to know about it
DB_ClioJongMan: It can be difficult to get visas for the US. Are you interested in Hong Kong or London?
DB_MarkI have found some links to websites that describe some of the more computing intensive stuff:
DB_MarkThat's a Dr Dobbs link to an article on Algorithmic Trading
DB_MarkYou can also find information on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algorithmic_trading
DB_ClioLeonid: We have internship positions in London and Frankfurt. Check db.com/careers for more details on the program.
LeonidDB_Clio: ok
DB_ClioLeonid: You can apply through the website.
Mloody2000DB_Mark: talking about algorithmic trading, yesterday surge of stocks in late hours was algoritmic ?? :P
JongManWell, provided I don't speak any other language than English and Korean, London might be a good choice
JongManDB_Clio: Well, provided I don't speak any other language than English and Korean, London might be a good choice
JongManDB_Mark: Looks cool, so are there software engineering positions geared towards algorithmic trading and research?
DB_MarkJongMan: Apply via the TC website. You need to be in your last but one year of study.
kcluneJongMan: http://www.topcoder.com/tc?module=Static&d1=tournaments&d2=tccc07&d3=sponsorpatrons&d4=db
JongManDB_Mark: Next summer, I will have one year left in my school. So I fit right?
Mloody2000DB_Mark: about internship - I'm interested in internship in London (eventually Germany, however I don't speak German), but I can't make one which is not paid. Do DB offer some kind of retribution to their interns ?
DB_MarkMloody2000: We do pay our interns.
JongMankclune: Well, I actually already read that. (The first thing I did)
DB_MarkMloody2000: I don't know how much, bit it is a paid role. I had one working for me this year.
JongMankclune: And there's hardly any information..
kcluneother than algorithmic trading, what other opps. do you have in case people don't want to do that?
riyaaz_shaikFor algo trading positions, how much of an experience is expected?
DB_MarkJongMan: Graduates rotate between two departments in their first 18 months
kcluneJongMan: I know, but you can click on the DB logo at the top, and it will take you to the DB website.
DB_MarkJongMan: So we can't guarantee that's what you will always be working on
JongMankclune: ah, never knew that ;) thanks
Mloody2000DB_Mark: Basicly, I just need to know if it's sufficient to survive during the internship :)
kcluneJongMan: my pleasure.
DB_MarkJongMan: However the reason we are recruting via TC is because we recognise that technology is becoming critical to the success of banks
DB_MarkJongMan: and we want the best coders
JongManDB_Mark: So there are basically two departments, each geared towards software engineering and algorithmic trading?
DB_MarkMloody2000: I think it would be, yes
yuri.bednyDB_Mark: Hello! Do you expect economics (financial markets) background from applicant?
nehabhatt007DB_Mark: hi sir
nehabhatt007DB_Mark: !!!
DB_ClioJongMan: There are various departments within our 15,000 employee Group Technology & Operations organisation.
DB_MarkJongMan:The IT organisation is split along business lines - FX, Fixed Income (bonds), Equity Derivatives, etc
Gando19850304Will you open internship for the graduates in China in the future?
DB_ClioGando19850304: It is possible but we are not aware that they will be open in 2008 summer.
DB_ClioGando19850304: There should be some in Hong Kong if you are interested.
AnilKishoreHaving knowledge in atleast one of the specified technologies is enough ?
DB_Markyuri.bedny: No, that's not necessary, but if you can show an interest or awareness of banking that will obviously help your applications.
Mloody2000DB_Mark: ok thanks. Looking at UK DB site, I just saw internships for analyst (which I'm also intersted in). I would prefer something about algo trading. Is there such a departement at London ?
Gando19850304I will become a graduate in the year 2008.
kcluneIs there a particular background you are looking for, or is just plain old CS fine w/ you?
DB_MarkMloody2000: There are several departments that deal with trading systems
JongManDB_Mark: Oh, yeah, makes sense
DB_ClioMloody2000: Inters join several teams, so you would need to specify that you are interested in algo trading during the interview rounds
DB_MarkMloody2000: Some are algorithmic, some are geared to allowing humans (our traders or external clients) to enter trades
DB_ClioMloody2000: there is a large algo trading team in london
Mloody2000DB_Mark: ok, thats perfect
[Apple]how about rating can I be accepted for interns?
JongManMloody2000: Good question, I wanted to ask that too ;)
abhicoolDB_Clio: Hi, will it help to have some hand-on experience with algo-trading in my process to get associated with DB.. and since I would be graduating in May 2008, what options do I have with DB then... ?
AnilKishoreWhere do you have your branches in India ?
Mloody2000DB_Clio: Could you give a link, beacause I can't find any information about it on recruitement page ?
DB_Markkclune: There isn't a hard and fast rule. If you have a good TC rating we'll assume you know how to program.
nehabhatt007DB_Mark: i will complete my engg from EC branch... in d year 2008....wat r basic qualities do u search ... while recruiting?
DB_Clioabhicool: If you had experience it would certainly be in your favour but it is not a requirement. We look for people with the technical, problem solving and analytical abilities.
DB_Sergeyabhicool: It would certainly be beneficial for you to learn about the trading and finance in general as well as algorithmic trading techniques
srik_samaDB_Mark: define 'good TC rating" please
DB_ClioMloody2000: A link on algo trading or the internship program?
[Apple]yeah, what about 'good TC rating'?
kclunesrik_sama: Rating is just part of it.
DB_Marksrik_sama: It varies depending on location you're willing to work in.
Mloody2000DB_Clio: internship program in algo departement :)
kclunesrik_sama: I would include a resume or CV in your profile, and to do that, please go here:
kclunesrik_sama: http://www.topcoder.com/tc?module=ContractingPreferences
DB_ClioMloody2000: The internship is a general program and your specific department will be determined when you join.
yuri.bednyDB_Sergey: Hello! What kind of algorithmic trading techniques can you advise to be familar with?
srik_samakclune: Thanks. I have dropped a note to you yesterday.
DB_SergeyDB_Mark: sure
Mloody2000DB_Clio: Ok thanks. I didn't see anything in France - there's nothing in Paris ?
kclunesrik_sama: Yup, I got it. I'm just trying to catch up on my work from being at the TCCC last week.
DB_SergeyDB_Mark: One of the areas you could work in is Risk
kclunesrik_sama: I'll be able to get to you later today hopefully.
Sunny_05kclune: hi
DB_ClioMloody2000: We do not have a large technical presence in paris, nor interships i am afraid.
kcluneSunny_05: Hello.
DB_MarkDB_Sergey: Sergey - can you describe in general terms what the system you code on does?
Sunny_05kclune: i sent u an email regarding the internship oppurtunities
srik_samakclune: Thanks. I was aware that you were busy. :)
nehabhatt007DB_Clio: will DB consider a graduate from electronics branch with coding knowledge and some experience with algorithm trading
Sunny_05kclune: of db
Sunny_05kclune: but u din't reply me?
kclunesrik_sama: It does get hectic around tournament time.
srik_samaDB_Mark: If I need to work in London office what rating you expect?
DB_Clionehabhatt007: Yes, we are looking for people with wide variety of technical knowlege and experience
srik_samaDB_Mark: Similarly rating expectations for India office too will be helpful.
nehabhatt007DB_Clio: oh thank you for replying
yuri.bednyDB_Mark: I'm not the first on who is asking, but could you please explain how tc rating affects someone's chance to be hired?
DB_MarkYour current rating should be fine to be considered. After that it will depend on your CV and interviews.
Sunny_05kclune: hello
Mloody2000DB_Clio: After the recent crisis there was a lot of critics on algo trading. Did it change in some way the organization or the things you work on ?
kcluneSunny_05: I'm very sorry. Please ask your questions to the DB reps that are here.
kcluneSunny_05: I will respond to your emails as soon as this is done.
kcluneSunny_05: I promise.
DB_Markyuri.bedny: Like other organisations, we are using the TopCoder rating as a proxy for coding ability
Sunny_05kclune: i did apply for the internship oppurtunities
DB_Markyuri.bedny: In effect, you get to miss out some of the numerical and other tests we put graduates through
nehabhatt007DB_Clio: I`m pursuing my b-tech from Electronics and Communication branch and i shall be completing it next year 2008
Sunny_05kclune: n wanna know which site i hav to log on to get further detalis?
nehabhatt007DB_Clio: so what all ratings do you consider from us?
kcluneSunny_05: I would log into http://www.db.com/careers/en/index.html
kcluneSunny_05: that will help you.
DB_SergeyI am currently working on the Risk Management system for commodities products (that means oil/gas/gold etc). It involves calculating various risk measures for the complex trade types and providing traders with tools to manage their risk.
Sunny_05kclune: ok
kcluneSunny_05: also, it would help you immensely if you uploaded your resume or CV into your TC profile.
DB_MarkDB_Sergey: That's mostly Java, right?
kcluneSunny_05: http://www.topcoder.com/tc?module=ContractingPreferences
kcluneSunny_05: you can do that there.
m4risUIt is hard to get to you guys today...
nehabhatt007DB_Clio: i have recently joined TC
kclunem4risU: There are a lot of people in this chat which is great.
Mloody2000DB_Sergey: Clio seems away so I will ask you :) Did recent critics about algo trading changed your work in some way ?
nehabhatt007DB_Clio: so can you please help me out
Sunny_05kclune: k
m4risUOk, please tell me someone what ppl does DB look for today
kcluneFor those of you just joining us, there are two things we would like for you to do to help yourself out. The first is to upload a resume or CV into your profile by going here:
DB_Clionehabhatt007: We are prioritising those with ratings of 1300 and above, so blue, yellow and red
Mindhunter74DixonD: passed
kclunethe other is to apply to DB by going here:
Sunny_05kclune: plz do reply to my emails as soon as possible.
kcluneSunny_05: I will.
DB_SergeyMloody2000: The algorithmic trading has built in checks and balances to prevent large influences on the market. Also there usually is a trader double checking the algorithms
DB_MarkMloody2000: I don't think that much has changed in regard to algo trading as a concept. The algos might be tweaked though.
nehabhatt007DB_Clio: thank you
PelekhanHelp me!
majuonasadmin: do i need to register to participate in SRM??
PelekhanI am new god
DB_Clionehabhatt007: you;re welcome
kclunemajuonas: As always, yes.
kclunemajuonas: You have 10 mins. to register.
TheFaxmanmajuonas: you need to register for the event using the active contests menu
majuonasadmin: how do i register ??
nehabhatt007DB_Clio: May ask your good name?
TheFaxmanmajuonas: active contests->SRM 374->Register
DB_Clionehabhatt007: Clio..
mustafijsrabbis: hello
Mloody2000DB_Sergey: you mean double checking transactions or algo itself ? If it's the second one, he's supposed to be an exepert in both markets and algos, right ?
Mindhunter74Pelekhan: hurry plz
kclunemajuonas: go to active contests at the top of this page, and click on register.
mustafijsrabbis: are you there?
srabbismustafij: yes
nehabhatt007DB_Clio: oh nice name
mustafijsrabbis: contest to bhai hobe
m4risUkclune: I'm really late today... I was looking for open WIFI and i found none :/ And it seems that topic of working for DB is down :(
DB_Clionehabhatt007: thanks
srabbismustafij: ok thnx vai :)
mustafijsrabbis: 8 nov 5pm e MOCK
nehabhatt007DB_Clio: can you please give me your email id?
mustafijsrabbis: 9 Nov contest
majuonasadmin: thanks
mustafijsrabbis: :)
kclunem4risU: nope, make sure you register, and the EDB people will still be here.
srabbismustafij: :) thnx
kclunem4risU: ask any questions you like.
nehabhatt007DB_Clio: so i can be in contact with you
mustafijsrabbis: you are welcome :)
DB_Marknehabhatt007: You can contact us at topcoder@db.com
dzhigarovanrieff: veso,6to nqma 4erveni ve :P
DB_SergeyMloody2000: Usually the trader would develop the rules for algorithmic trading, and suggest the various checks and warnings that they would want
m4risUkclune: thanks for encouraging
srabbismustafij: apnar der team koita vai?
kclunem4risU: my pleasure.
anrieffdzhigarov: kak da nqma be
DB_SergeyMloody2000: they would then be monitoring the transactions made by the algorithm
dzhigarovanrieff: emi malko
mustafijsrabbis: last time dekhsilam 3ta
WalterDDRgo luck everybody
nehabhatt007DB_Clio: thanks for replying me
mustafijsrabbis: er por ar keu Registration korse naki jani na
m4risUWhat technology does DB seeks today here?
srabbismustafij: hmm
JongMankclune: When I submit my CV or resume,
mustafijsrabbis: Bhai kun University er?
JongMankclune: should I make it one-page?
m4risUAnd what cities are considered to be workplace
srabbismustafij: vai, apnar ra BAG diben to:D?
dzhigarovanrieff: mi super...6tot ima sponsor na tva SRM
JongMankclune: Actually that seemed a little bit too short for me.
DB_Markm4risU: What we're seeking here are good coders :-)
mustafijsrabbis: ashole BAG er jonno amio SUGGESTION disi
kcluneJongMan: Doesn't have to be if you have enough experience and projects to extend it.
mustafijsrabbis: dekhi ekhon CLUB er member ra ki kore
Mloody2000DB_Sergey: ok. And what about the possibilty of Turning off an algo. Do the trader who is monitoring one algo have the possibility to turn it off immediately if something is going wrong ?
m4risUDB_Mark: that for sure
yuri.bednyDB_Sergey: Do you hire in Saint-Petersburg?
mustafijsrabbis: ami to ar CLUB e nai :)
kcluneJongMan: It's not a big deal if it goes into 2 or 3 pages.
srabbismustafij: ashole Daffodil e pai nai to:(
root85Hi all
m4risUDB_Mark: what cities do you hire in
kcluneJongMan: just make it substantive.
nehabhatt007DB_Clio: well i have not yet participated in macthes, i am still working on my algorithm skills and soon shall be participating with bang
srabbismustafij: hmm bujhte parsi
mustafijsrabbis: hmm
dzhigarovanrieff: ooppss... edin zyl doide
DB_Clioyuri.bedny: No, our roles are in moscow
mustafijsrabbis: bhai, apnar university kunta?
DB_Markm4risU: London, Frankfurt, Moscow, New York primarily.
kcluneFor those of you just joing us, DB is hiring TC members, and would like to talk to as many as possible.
srabbismustafij: AUST
kclunePlease apply here:
JongMankclune: Okay, I'll feel free ;) Thanks
mustafijsrabbis: oookk
m4risUDB_Mark: Frankfurt sounds nice ;)
psiricanadi: su nam stigle pare?
mustafijsrabbis: apnader team koyta?
srabbismustafij: oook
DB_SergeyMloody2000: Generally the trader should be able to interupt the algorithm
m4risUDB_Mark: java developers?
srabbismustafij: only 2ta
psiricanadi: su nam stigle pare?
mustafijsrabbis: hmm
srabbismustafij: sure na akhono korbo kina...iccha nai
kcluneAnd please update your profile with a resume or CV by going here:
nehabhatt007DB_Clio: ok, so when you will be next sponsoring TC?
mustafijsrabbis: best of luck for today
mustafijsrabbis: :)
srabbismustafij: you too :)
yuri.bednyDB_Sergey: Thanks. Is it possible for someone from Russia to work in EU in your company?
mustafijsohelH: Assalamualaikum
mustafijsohelH: valo asen?
m4risUDB_Mark: do you count TC experience equally as regular jobs?
sohelHmustafij: :) eito
PeterpayDB_Clio: r u looking for .net developers? msft certifications could be and advantage for applicants??
root85DB_Clio: I've heard DB is going to open its branch in Russia, in Siberia. Is that true?
mustafijsohelH: apnader koyta team ashtese NSU te?
kcluneyuri.bedny: From what I heard at the TCCC they are looking for TC members in Moscow.
kcluneyuri.bedny: If that helps.
DB_Markm4risU: We don't count it as work experience, but we do count it as evidence of technical ability.
Mloody2000DB_Sergey: Ok. What about teams, I guess there are several people involved from traders, to programmers, through mathematicians. At average, how many people there are in a team (and how work is divided -> one team one algo, or rather one big team, several
sohelHmustafij: 2 ta
DB_Clioroot85: I am not aware of this.
m4risUDB_Mark: bad :/ i live on their assignments
mustafijsohelH: hmm
mustafijsohelH: OK
mustafijsohelH: best of luck for SRM
Mindhunter74sohelH: Assalamu Alaikum
kcluneDixonD: It works.
zizavinowill we start 6 mins later?
DB_Sergey yuri.bedny: We currently have opportunities in Moscow, also we do hire from different locations into London
DB_ClioPeterpay: We are looking for applications with a wide range of technical skills.
sohelHmustafij: :)
root85DB_Clio: ok. thanks
m4risUDB_Mark: but what if i can get you some good reviews from someone from TC staff?
DB_Markm4risU: If you're doing it as a profession, than that would be different. I imagine it would be treated as a series of contract roles.
kclunem4risU: can't hurt.
Mindhunter74sohelH: Good luck today ;)
PeterpayDB_Clio: ok where r ur devcenters located??
psirparanoia: congrats :)
DixonDkclune: I tested me internet connection. It very bad;)
sohelHMindhunter74: same to you
yuri.bednyDB_Sergey: Do hiring requrements differ in Moscow and London?
m4risUDB_Mark: sounds better :) it is currently my proffesion
kcluneDixonD: well, do the best you can.
xiaozerichardxx: hi
DB_ClioPeterpay: Mainly London, Moscow, New York, Frankfurt and Singapore. There are technical positions in other areas.
paranoiapsir: thanks
m4risUDB_Mark: what positions do you hire at?
srik_samaDB_Mark: Thanks for answering the questions.
root85scorzh: Hi
sunmoonstargo og
DB_SergeyMloody2000: This depends on a team - different areas have different practises
PeterpayDB_Clio: where i can check open positions??
[Apple]Singapore is good for me
DB_Marksrik_sama: Pleasure :-)
kcluneFor those of you just joining us, DB is working on very cool stuff, and they are actively looking for TC members. Please apply Here
DB_Markm4risU: How do you mean? Locations? Roles?
m4risUDB_Mark: roles
mustafijsamee.zahur: BEST OF LUCK...
DB_Sergeyyuri.bedny: It depend
mustafijnokia: Best of luck
rlaiolaroom /le
DB_Markm4risU: For professional roles we have lots. Typically analyst programmer roles of varying levels of responsibility
technonarudo your best leave the rest
DB_ClioGood luck everyone.
ltdtlJongMan: -_- btw why Korea is top 10 on algo countries?
DB_Sergeyyuri.bedny: sorry, It depends , I only know about the graduate program, where the requirements are set globally
m4risUDB_Mark: it seems flexible
ltdtlJongMan: algo rank by countries...
JongManltdtl: I donno
mani_da1good luck everyone :)
kcluneplease apply.
JongManltdtl: gl hf kkk
Tymwie? :P
kcluneyou won't be sorry.
ltdtl--' i thought astein's rating decreased.;
dincalkillertired T.T
JongMangood luck everybody
m4risUDB_Mark: is this possible to work at tokio or anything like that?
kcluneGood luck everyone in the arena.
kakaio9pgold: Nao
m4risUDB_Mark: i always dreamed about this city :D
kcluneThank you to the DB folks that took their time to anser our questions.
Nash_Nashuhm .. 3 menots
yuri.bednyDB_Sergey: Ok. Thanks for answers
kclunesorry, fat fingers.
m4risUDB_Mark: kclune dont rush them to go!!!!!!!
DB_Markm4risU: It's possible, but probably not as a straight hire
emka207kclune: do you consider applicants with higher rating to have a better chance to be accepted for employment? or do you have any other criteria?
DB_Markm4risU: People do move around internally.
kcluneemka207: It can't hurt.
m4risUDB_Mark: ok
kcluneemka207: but there are definitely other factors.
m4risUDB_Mark: how long does verification can take
emka207kclune: such as?
kcluneemka207: skills, work history, projects in school, general smarts, ability to learn.
kcluneemka207: you have a good rating so I wouldn't worry about that.
DB_Markm4risU: Verification?
m4risUDB_Mark: if i apply tomorrow/today
m4risUDB_Mark: how long it can take?
m4risUDB_Mark: i'm living currently in spain packed to go somewhere else
DB_Markm4risU: Our main focus is graduate hires. For professional hires it might take slightly longer.
DB_Markm4risU: If you upload your CV I'll make a note to check it tomorrow.
DB_Markkclune: One other thing we will be looking for is teamworking skills
m4risUDB_Mark: and last question i thinkl
kclunem4risU: http://www.topcoder.com/tc?module=ContractingPreferences
m4risUDB_Mark: how does verification process looks like
kclunem4risU: To upload your resume or CV.
kcluneThanks Mark and Clio.
DB_Markm4risU: For an application? Typically we'd pass your CV on to the recruiters for the locations you are willing/eligible to work in.
m4risUkclune: I already have it added to links, and filled basics already
kclunem4risU: very good.
DB_Markm4risU: They would then share it with hiring managers that had a role that you looked a match for.
kcluneThanks Mark and Clio. Very good chat today.
kcluneHave a great day.
DB_ClioBye everyone.
DB_Markkclune: Thanks, Kevin. And good luck to anyone still left.
m4risUthanks all
DB_MarkAny more questions, post them in the Topcoder DB Forum or email topcoder@db.com