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Chat transcript from SRM 367
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kcluneHello everyone
kcluneWelcome to the Deutsche Bank Chat.
nitdgpkclune: hi
nitdgpkclune: Any intern opportunities in india
nitdgpcjoakes22: u threre
nitdgpcjoakes22: u there
rajatkumaranybody from DB?
3mr_2010DB_jon: who are we going to ask??
cjoakes22Yes, Hello nitdgp
nitdgpcjoakes22: i am from india
jmpld40Hi there, welcome to the Deutsche Bank Chat
DB_SarahWe do have a number of full time opportunities in India. Intern opportunities are only open to penultimate year students
nitdgpcjoakes22: am the penultimate year student
rajatkumarok... so the only way to apply for India is thru TopCoder...?
3mr_2010DB_Sarah: what about egypt ??
nitdgpcjoakes22: am in the 3rd year
nitdgpcjoakes22: am i eligible for the internship?
3mr_2010DB_Sarah: do you have a full time opportunities in egypt ??
SinBorishi! what about Russia ?
Ye_Jian_Weihow about china?
cjoakes22nitdgp: maybe DB_Sarah can answer your question.
magicpigDB_Sarah: What kind of job will you provide?
SinBorisdo you have intern opportunities ?
DB_SarahGreat news. Internships are available in Mumbai and Bangalore. I am unsure as to how many vacancies we have at present but you will be able to apply on our website www.db.com/careers
3mr_2010DB_Sergey: do you have a full time opportunities in egypt ??
DB_SarahWe have a small number of vacancies in Turkey but do not offer internships there.
kclunePlease use that link to apply for DB positions. thanks.
3mr_2010DB_Sergey: do you have a full time opportunities in egypt ??
nitdgpDB_Sergey: am in the 3rd year. am i eligible for the internship?
nvpopaDB_Sarah: are there any chances for students to work for DB?
DB_JonHi SinBoris, yes we are hiring in Russia, we have a big development shop in Moscow
3mr_2010DB_Sergey: do you have a full time opportunities in egypt ??
3mr_2010DB_Jon: do you have a full time opportunities in egypt ??
nitdgpDB_Sarah: am in the 3rd year
nitdgpDB_Sarah: am i eligible for the internship?
DB_JonYe_Jian_Wei: We are hiring in HK, not currently in mainland China. We also hire in Tokyo, Singapore, Australia
DB_SergeyUnfortunately we don't have any full time opportunities in Egypt
3mr_2010DB_Sergey: what kind of jobs do you provide??
DB_SarahAll graduates joining DB join a structured training program for 18 months were you have two rotations within the business. The first is for 6 months the second 9 months.
Ye_Jian_WeiDB_Jon: I see, thanks.
3mr_2010DB_Sergey: what kind of jobs do you provide??
DB_JonWe welcome applications from any country we are a global employer and can locate staff in any number of locations
MinnyI'm interested in an internship position in Germany for CS student. Do you have any information about that?
DB_JonMinny: If you take a look at www.db.com/careers there is more information there.
DB_SarahFor internships students have to be in their penultimate year so if you are a 4 year course you can have an internship in your 3rd year
DB_JonMinny: We do employ interns (12m apprenticeship) in Germany
MinnyDB_Jon: I visited the page you mentioned, but there seem to be only positions for business students
SinBorisDB_Jon: thx
arithmaI'm a mechanical engineer student.. seems I have no business here
kcluneWhat oppportunities can a CS student or professional expect at DB?
BlackIsComingI'm not an EU citizen, but I'm looking for an oppotunity to work in EU. And, yeh, i can speak and understand English. So, is it possible somehow to join DB in EU without EU citizenship?
DB_Sergey3mr_2010: Well I am currently on the graduate program. The graduate program is a training program which leads to the full time placement. During the program you get to be placed in two rotations, which can be both technical and non-technical.
DB_JonMinny: There should be information on internships for technologists. If you email sarah.lamprell@db.com Sarah can provide some more info if you can't find on the website.
DB_MarkMinny: Try http://www.db.com/careers/en/1092.html
DB_SarahWe accept applications from all disciplines. Students entering GTO come from a range of disciplines although you will need to have an analytical mind with some programing languages
DB_Jonarithma: we welcome applications from all disciplines
DB_MarkMinny: You want Group Technology and Operations Analyst Intern
3mr_2010DB_Sergery: ok , what do you require to apply for a technical job ??
MinnyDB_Mark: ok thanks Mark, and Jon too
DB_MarkMinny: np
mhoefswhat kind of tasks to you require topcoders for?
DB_SarahAll graduates joining DB join a structured training program for 18 months were you have two rotations within the business. The first is for 6 months the second 9 months.
DB_Sergey3mr_2010: You need to have an equivalent to 2.1 UK University degree and be proficient in a range of programing languages
DB_Jonkclune: Opportunities are varied from working closely with traders on algorithmic trading systems to working on exchange trading systems to back office technology roles
DB_Jonkclune: algo trading is a growing area, TopCoder competitors are ideally suited to this line of work
mhoefswhat is algo trading?
DB_SarahDB sponsors work permits for all successful candidates. I suggest you apply for the position that you are interested in and if successful our lawyers will apply for your work permit for you to work in the EU.
DB_Jonalgorithmic trading is where software models are trading
kcluneDB_Jon: Are you looking for specific languages, or are will you hire based on talent alone?
kclunethose interested in applying can do so here:
BlackIsComingok, but will it be enought to speak English to work in Germany IT team?
DB_Jonkclune: we hire based on talent, we look for the competence, not necessarily a predefined skill set
DB_Jonkclune: we have a number of exciting opportunities to work closely with the trading desks
DB_SergeyBlackIsComing: This should not be a problem
BlackIsCominggreat, thanks
Pawado you have employment opportunities outside Germany?
rajatkumarDB_Jon: will u guys be ready to hire ppl who are already in the IT industry... i have been wrking for almost 1.5 yrs now...
kcluneDB_Jon: Will interns have the opportunity to work w/ the traders?
DB_Markpawa: We have employment opportunities in most countries. Do you have a specific one of interest?
DB_Jonwe're delighted to be sponsoring the TCCC07 as TopCoder talent are exactly the type of person we're looking to hire. As a global company we can offer many opportunities
PawaDB_Mark: Yes, Rusiia
DB_Markpawa: Lots of vacancies in Russia.
DB_Markpawa: It is a big development centre for us.
PawaDB_Mark: And do you have some kind of internship / part-time work?
rajatkumarDB_Jon: :)
m4risUSorry for being late. What ppl do look for and where do you want them come?
DB_Jonkclune: yes, interns will have opportunities to work with traders.
DB_SarahWe are looking for highly skilled technical people to work in arange of roles
DB_Markpawa: Unfortunately we don't do internships in russia as yet, but if you're in the last but one year of your studies you can apply for the grad programme.
DB_SarahWe have a number of offices across the globe so its really up to you as to where you wish to work.
m4risUDB_Sarah: Any in Spain?
DB_Jonkclune: some positions are 'virtually' working closely with traders. We have development offices in trading centres and in other locations. We're looking for people to work on the leading edge trading systems
PawaDB_Mark: ok, thanks :)
DB_SarahUnfortunately we don't have any vacancies in Spain
DB_Markpawa: np :)
m4risUDB_Sarah: So where could they be? Could you tell me those more interesting places/
DB_Markpawa: We are also looking for direct hires in Russia as well.
m4risUDB_Sarah: For example in europe
sonycksonpdallago: hola papa!.... participas??
metdosAre you taking interns?
DB_SarahIn spain we do hire candidates at experienced hire level.
DB_SarahThis would be into Madrid. Are you still at college or looking for a career move.
DB_Markpawa: We do take interns between the penultimate and final year
sonycksonpdallago: jaja it seems so... :D i will too :D...
DB_SarahIn europe, we hire on the grad program to Frankfurt, Poland, Moscow, Switzerland and Italy
m4risUDB_Sarah: I asked about spain because... I'm just leaving my home in Poland and I'm looking for new place to live
DB_Markmetdos: we do take interns between their penultimate and final year
PawaDB_Mark: and what about PhD students?
DB_Markmetdos: http://www.db.com/careers/en/7991.html for internship details
emka207hello, what positions are available in Asia (if any)?
m4risUDB_Sarah: So I do not really feel bound to any place
DB_Sarahm4risU: Are you still at college or have you worked in industry for a while
m4risUDB_Sarah: I have some years of experience
metdosDB_Mark: thanks
DB_MarkPawa: We do take PhD students as well, but they join the same programme as other graduates.
m4risUDB_Sarah: but I did not get master degree
PawaDB_Mark: so it's not a problem to work and study at the same time?
kcluneSo, why should TopCoder members seriously consider working for DB?
DB_SarahWith regards to Asia, we hire in to Sydney, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Manilla
DB_MarkPawa: Well, the internships are usually during your summer vacation.
m4risUDB_Sarah: Japan... <love>
DB_Jonm4risU: not a problem that you don't have a masters degree
DB_Jonm4risU: you're looking to work somewhere other than Poland?
DB_SarahThese are at Grad level. For experienced hire, we have vacancies across asia
emka207DB_Mark: what exactly are you looking for?
m4risUDB_Sarah: i feel whole world is open for me
emka207DB_Sarah: what exactly are you looking for?
DB_Jonm4risU: Yes, it is :-)
PawaDB_Mark: Some IT companies have a year round internship opportunities..
m4risUDB_Jon: I do not consider best of the best
DB_Jonm4risU: We employ nearly 80,000 people in 72 countries there is a lot of opportunity at DB
m4risUDB_Jon: But i have some good recomendations
DB_MarkPawa: Our internship is Summer only. I believe we're starting to look into Industrial Placements that are one year but they're relatively new now.
DB_Jonm4risU: We welcome all applications...
DB_MarkPawa: Germany does a 12 month apprenticeship as well
emka207DB_Sarah: where can we see the available positions? and how can we apply?
DB_SarahWe are looking for talented individuals to join the bank who have a passion for technology..
kcluneemka207: http://www.topcoder.com/tc?module=Static&d1=tournaments&d2=tccc07&d3=sponsorpatrons&d4=db
flyingdog88Is there any position in Shanghai?
m4risUDB_Jon: I will consider applying, thanks! :)
DB_SarahIn shanghai would you be looking for graduate or experienced hire?
DB_Jonm4risU: no problem, look forward to getting your application through the website.
flyingdog88graduate hire
DB_JonTo say agin for those recently entered, we have opportunities for top technical talent to work at DB on the leading edge of trading systems
DB_SarahWe are recruiting graduates into the technology in shanghai. Vacancies exist in the Private Client Banking arm of the bank
DB_JonFor example, Algorithmic Trading, Exchange Trading Systems, Risk Management systems
kcluneDB_Jon: can you give the folks an idea of what is involved in some of these?
DB_JonThere are exciting opportunities to work on Wall Street, or in the City in London, or Moscow, Germany, Poland, Italy, Geneva, HK, Tokyo, Singapore and Australia
DB_Jasoni work in research i.t. and we implement mathematical models in the construction of deutsche's indices
DB_Jasonthis is a front-office role, in ny and london
gepaDB_Jon: For the positions you mentioned (Algo trading etc), do you require experience in trading, or do you look also for professional programmers with no trading experience at all?
DB_JonIn the case of Algo trading it's a case of working closely with the traders to program algorithms to buy and sell stocks (for example), or trade currencies, where the best algorithm determines the business success.
flyingdog88DB_Sarah,you mean there's only position about Private Client Banking arm in shanghai?
DB_Jongepa: We don't look for prior experience in trading, the aptitude and competence is most important
DB_Jongepa: TopCoders are especially suited to the leading edge of technology for trading
flyingdog88how many IT employees in shanghai now?
DB_SarahYes but the program is a truely global one and you will be training with people from IES (Information Enterprise Services) as well as those working in invenstment banking technology
DB_Jongepa: In addition to trading, we also have opportunities in Asset Management, Retail Banking and Infrastructure
kclunefor those of you just joining us, if you would like to apply for a great career opp. w/ Deutsche Bank, please apply here:
gepaDB_Jon: Where do you have most opportunities in Germany? Mostly in Frankfurt, or also in other locations?
Minnyany opportunities in Aachen?
DB_Jasonalso positions in eschborn
DB_SarahThe vacancies in Germany are mainly in Frankfurt or Eschborn
DB_Jongepa: Yes mostly in Frankfurt for German opportunities also Eschborn, very close to Frankfurt. Also opportunities in London, NY, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, HK, Tokyo, etc.
kcluneWhy should a TC member consider working for DB instead of a company like Google or Microsoft?
metdosDB_Jon: Is German required for positions in Germany?
kcluneAnyone interested in applying to DB, please go here:
gepaDB_Jon: And are the groups in the different cities (Frankfurt, NY, London) mostly independent, or are they working on common projects with much interaction?
flyingdog88If i work in shanghai ,will i have opporunity go to other countries to work e.g. US, europe?
shark002DB_Jon: Is there any internship in the recent months?
DB_SarahHi Metdos, German is not required to work in Germany as the majority of business is conducted in English
DB_Markgepa: It's a mix, but mostly global systems
[loku]Do you have any opportunities in India ?
DB_Sarahshark002 Internship programs in the US and UK happen over the summer. Asia is slighlty different.
DB_Jasongepa: for example, we work with developers locally (in ny) along with those sitting in london and bangalore
DB_Mark[loku]: We do have for Private Client Banking
DB_JonDB versus Google or Microsoft: A great opportunity to work really closely with the trading business, which is very exciting and dynamic. Investment Banking IS all based on it's technology and we are very well funded to invest in leading edge technologies
gepaDB_Jon: Can you give a short explanation for the different positions you mentioned (algo trading, asset management, retail management) for somebody not into finance? Which of them is mostly programming intensive?
majumhi you all
shark002DB_Jon: and how about the diploma positions?
DB_Markmajum: Hello :)
DB_Sarahshark002: Do you mean educational qualifications?
shark002DB_Jon: and how about the diploma work positions?
mo-hithi majum
DB_Sarahshark002: I am not sure I understnad your questions, do you mean educational qualifications?
shark002DB_Jon: I means diploma thesis
transistorhii any reps here
majummo-hit: hi how ru
DB_Sergeyroot85: zdrastvuite
majummo-hit: maja aya
transistorhello any DB reps here???
DB_Jongepa: Algorithmic Trading is most programming intensive, covers a wide range of posible financial products (equities, currencies, interest rate products, etc.) Increasingly we see traders jobs being replaced by automated trading models
mo-hitmajum how r u
majummo-hit: reply to karo darling
DB_Jongepa: we need TopCoders to do this!
DB_Marktransistor: Yes! 5 of us.
mo-hitkara tih
majummo-hit: mil gaya reply
Vitaliyslavia9: Hi)
mo-hitkara toh
mhoefsfrom northern germany, would it be necessary to settle in the frankfurt area, or is working mostly from home via dataline or internet also an option?
DB_Sarahshark002: We are obviously interested in the Diploma thesis but we also look at educational achievment, technical experience
DB_Jongepa: Retail Banking technology is less IT intensive
transistorheyy can anybody tell me wats going on here
Monika_KrugWhat programming languages are used at Deutsche Bank? Java, C++, C#?
DB_Sergeyroot85: izvenite no ja voprosa ne ponjal
DB_MarkMonika_Krug: Mostly Java, some C++ and C#
root85DB_Sergey: Do you speak Russian?
DB_Jongepa: Asset management (fund management) technology can also be IT intensive like Algo Trading or Quantitative Trading/Research
DB_Sergeyroot85: Yes I do
Monika_KrugThat's cool, I know Java best.
lokeshgovindutransistor: Chat with Deutsche Bank representatives
transistorok hows it done
transistorhello DB
majummo-hit: khana khaoge ya code karoge...
DB_MarkMonika_Krug: There is lots of Java :)
root85DB_Sergey: I asked about the Sibean Olympiad in Russia
Monika_Krugand I have just finished my Diplom thesis, too :)
majummo-hit: ru there
mo-hitpata nhi
kcluneThose of you interested in applying should go here:
DB_Sarahmhoefs: We require people to be located within travelling distance to the office. It is possible to work from home when required although as we work in teams we like people to be based in the office
transistori wud like to know about the qualifications u require
mo-hitmajum: pata nhi
root85DB_Sergey: About the first round, it took place last Sunday
majummo-hit: jab jao to miss call mar dena
mo-hitmajum: k
transistorhey DB_Jason
transistortell me the requirements
gepaDB_Jon: Thanks for the info. Sounds interesting.
DB_Jasontransistor: hi transistor
majum**majum thass...
DB_Sarahtransistor: we require people to have an equivalent UK 2.i degree
transistorumm DB_Jason i have an engineering degree
DB_Jongepa: You're welcome. I hope to see your application ;-)
DB_Sergeyroot85: We only have positions in Moscow, you would have to be placed within traveling distance of Moscow
transistorDB_Jason: Comp science
TopRusherstransistor: hi ,,,you arenb
stef2nPaulDB: :))
transistorDB_Jason: besides i have SCJP certification
hkenlava: test
TopRusherstransistor: you are niu B
cosiPaulDB: 3-0 :)
Minnythanks a mil.
PaulDBcorect :)
DB_Jasontransistor: generally speaking, we require good math skills and problem-solving abilities
SomethingWrongroot85: :)
transistorDB_Jason: umm wats the procedure
transistorDB_Jason: i have applied thru the link already
firDB_Jason: Hi, I am graduating next year, when should I apply.
transistorDB_Jason: wat all languages u use
DB_Sergeyroot85: Whilst it is possible to work from home the majority of work is done in the office
DB_Jasontransistor: sarah, can you address transistor's question regarding procedure?
DB_Jasontransistor: we use java, c++, pl/sql, perl
one_skmozhet bit
one_skza first place kotorij
root85DB_Sergey: nice
transistorDB_Sarah: hey
transistorDB_Sarah: can u tell me the procedure
root85DB_Sergey: Are you a representative of DeutcheBank?
adham_121hey topcoders :D
adham_121Fozz hi
DB_Jasonfir: you should start applying now. recruiting begins starting now
SomethingWrongDB_Sergey: why do you answer to root85, while I'm the person, asking you thiese questions?
transistorDB_Jason: heyy sarah is not responding
adham_121Fozz: how are you ready for the srm
vids_springhi nits
firDB_Jason: thru the link in the website?
vids_springhows ur VLSI project going on ??
Fozzadham_121: about as ready as I'll ever be
Fozzadham_121: /enter
Fozzadham_121: oops
firDB_Jason: I live in singapore, do you have opening here?
adham_121Fozz: 3 min :D
DB_Sarahtransistor: You can apply to DB via the topcoder link. Interviews will take place via web conferencing or in a DB office depending on yuour locationh
FozzSRM 367. You may move to your room anytime by selecting the contest from the Active Contest menu.
MinnyIch liebe DB :)
transistorDB_Sarah: hows the shortlisting done
DB_Jasonfir: positions are definitely available in singapore. DB_Sarah should be able to provide more detail on the types of positions9/26/07 10:57 AM almelv Fozz: Rooms are not assigned yet
kclune Here's the link to apply again:
transistorDB_Sarah: can u specify any date
klopyrevgurugan1: Hey!!!
firDB_Jason: can we still chat after SRM
jmpld40Thanks Deutsche Bank for chatting
jmpld40If you have any additional questions for DB make sure to check out their forum: http://forums.topcoder.com/?module=ThreadList&forumID=517145
Fozzooh complete for tour and hs
transistorDB_Sarah: by which the shortlisting wud be done
DB_Sarahtransistor: We have a criteria for all applications on a global scale. If candidates are successful at this stage we invite to interview
Monika_KrugAre Java developers needed at DB in Germany?
gurugan1klopyrev: Hey
nittuit is going fine
gurugan1klopyrev: how is uni?
klopyrevgurugan1: How's it going?
firDB_Jason: Time's running out now...
klopyrevgurugan1: It's pretty boring right now!
gurugan1klopyrev: i am writing from school
sweetboy2 min
transistorDB_Sarah: okok thankx
kcluneThanks DB reps.
gurugan1klopyrev: i just installed the compiler
gurugan1klopyrev: lol
klopyrevgurugan1: I'm writing from the Software Engineering study room:P
kcluneGood luck everyone.
transistorDB_Sarah: i am frm India
TanaricI'm writing from work. :)
theycallmemortywe don't have rooms assigned :'(
DB_MarkMonika_Krug: Yes, we do require java developers in Germany.
MinnyThanks DB reps
viswanathkclune: thanks :)
transistorDB_Sarah: no problem with that isnt it
gurugan1klopyrev: well gluck today
firkclune: Can we chat here after SRM?
Lukasz16agood luck
Minnykclune: thank you too
TanaricI'm a Flash developer, but don't hold that against me. ;)
profyes but everyone usualy goes to Room 1
michalbbIs here someone from Slovakia?
firkclune: continue the conversation...
DB_Sarahtransistor: Absolotely no problem we welcome applicaitons from across the globe.
Fozzlol tanaric..code the srm in FLASH
mincerroot85: hello
kclunefir: you can send me an email if you like and we can set up a time to speak.
kclunefir: kclune@topcoder.com
transistorDB_Sarah: gee thankx
sweetboy1 min only
root85mincer: Hi
DB_JonThanks all for visiting this chat room, I hope that we"ve been able to help answer your questions, good luck when applying to DB, I look forward to seeing lots of TopCoder applications!
transistorDB_Sarah: hey i have just graduated
firkclune: oh ok then , thank you
TanaricNo thanks! ActionScript makes me die a little inside.
transistorDB_Sarah: is it necessary that i shud have work experience
DB_MarkGood luck in the match starting next as well.
root85mincer: ???????
sweetboygud luck ...
DB_Sarahtransistor: No problem with that, applications are open now for 2008 positions. No work experience is not required but some desire to work in banking on your application form would be good
kcluneThe next chat session with DB will be on Oct. 23 at 9:00 EDT (US)
DB_MarkBye all