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NVIDIA's CUDA Zone is pleased to host the CUDA Superhero Challenge, a series of marathon matches which will harness the parallel processing power of the NVIDIA CUDA architecture to solve some of computing's biggest challenges.

The first challenge was a great success!  With over 200 competitors and almost 700 submissions, five lucky members won cash prizes!
1st Place: iquadrat
2nd Place: b285714
3rd Place: nemossi
4th Place: JacoCronje
5th Place: foota

TopCoder interviewed the first and second place winners. Read their interview here.

The second marathon match, which is open to all developers, begins November 23, 2009 and will conclude December 7, 2009.  What can you do if you are new to this competition?

  1. Check out the resources on CUDA Zone.
  2. NVIDIA hosted a number of webinars to familiarize you with CUDA, so find them here.
  3. Practice in the practice room on the last CUDA competition problem.
  4. Get involved with the competition forums here and here to learn and improve your skills.

NVIDIA also recommends that all contestants who want to compete do the following:

  1. Learn more about CUDA
  2. Download and try out CUDA development tools
  3. Register and attend a webinar to learn how to harness the power of CUDA.
  4. Sign up for CUDA Alerts