JpgToRaw is a simple utility that can be used for conversion of JPG files provided to you in RAW format described in the problem statement. It is also potentially capable of converting other images to RAW, but we do not guarantee that it is always the case.

The most simple usage is:

java -jar JpgToRaw.jar <FULL_PATH_TO_JPG_IMAGE>

This will convert the JPG image you provided to RAW. It will have the same name as the input JPG and will be created in the same directory. For example "java -jar D:\Work\img715.jpg" will create "img715.raw" in "D:\Work" directory.

By default, if RAW file already exists, no conversion will take place. You can change this behaviour by providing "-over" option, in which case the RAW file will be overwritten, for example "java -jar JpgToRaw.jar -over ~/work/img715.jpg".

If you want to create RAW file in some other place (or under some other name), you can provide the destination location using "-dest" option, for example "java -jar JpgToRaw.jar -dest ~/converted/nice.raw ~/work/img715.jpg". Note that if you want the resulted RAW file to be created in another directory, this directory must already exist before you start the conversion.

Another variant of usage of the utility is:


This will convert all JPG images in the provided directory to RAW (without recursing to nested directories). For example, "java -jar JpgToRaw.jar ~/work/train/background".

Both "-over" and "-dest" are valid in this case as well. However, "-dest" is only used to specify the destination directory, so you don't control the naming of separate RAW files.