Lung Cancer Detector Visualizer and Offline Tester

The purpose of the visualizer application is to let you view 16 bit PNG CT scan images, view ground truth tumor contours and your solution's contours as overlays on these images, compare truth to solution and calculate your solution's score.
Download the visualizer package and unpack it anywhere on your system. Open a command window in the directory where you unzipped the package and execute
java -jar visualizer.jar -data-dir <data_directory_path> -solution <solution_file>
This assumes that you have Java (at least v1.7) installed and it is available on your path. The meaning of the above parameters are the following: File and directory parameters can be relative or absolute paths.
There are some other optional command line parameters you can use:


When the tool starts it loads meta data of all scans found in the specified data directory. If a solution file is also given then it calculates and displays scores for each slice image (that has either ground truth tumor contours, or contours extracted by your solution, or both), and also displays an overall score. Then it displays the first image of the first scan. The display shows 4 subviews: To navigate to a different scan use the scan selector combo box. To navigate to a different slice within the current scan use the mouse wheel when the mouse pointer is within the displayed image, or click anywhere within the x-z or y-z cross sections. Clicking within the x-y slice changes the current position in the other two cross sections. This way you can navigate the body in 3D.
An additional way to navigate to a different scan or image is to click within the output log area. Clicking on a line that displays a scan ID will load that scan and display its first slice, clicking on a line that shows scores for a given slice (such lines start with #<slice_id>:) will load that slice within the correct scan.
If the current slice contains contour definitions for other structures than tumor regions then you can make them visible by selecting their name from the dropbox that initially reads 'Don't show extra structures'.
Use the two Gray level sliders to guess what. Similar documentation applies to the zoom selector dropdown box and some other controls.

Have fun with the tool! Use the contest forum for questions and feedback.