RECORD_IDA unique identifier for the record.Hexadecimal integer
LEAD_IDA unique identifier for the lead. One lead may have multiple records.Hexadecimal integer
LENDER_IDA unique identifier for the lender.Hexadecimal integer
EXCHANGE_TYPELong (1) or short (2) form. Short form lenders do not report closed loans, and thus these records will never appear as being funded (though they could be in actuality).Integer
DATEThe date that the lead arrived, in minutes since midnight, 1/1/2005.Hexadecimal integer
LEAD_TYPEIndicate that the lead was sent to the internal lending branch (2), or forwarded to other institutions (1).Integer
CONSUMER_IDA unique identifier for the applicant.Hexadecimal integer
LOAN_TYPEThe type of loan requested.See key
LOAN_AMOUNTThe amount, in dollars, of the loan requested.Integer
CREDIT_SCOREThe applicant's credit score (can be -1 or 0 if this is missing).Integer
LTVThe loan to value ratio: amount requested / property value (or purchase price). -1 if missing.Decimal
CLTVThe cumulative loan to value ratio: (outstanding loans + amount requested) / property value. -1 if missing.Decimal
STATEThe state that the property resides in.String (two letter state codes or "Unknown")
LAST_BANKRUPTCYThe last time the applicant filed for bankruptcy.See key
FIRST_TIME_HOME_BUYERIs the applicant a first time home buyer?.Boolean (1 for yes, 0 for no)
FOUND_HOMEFor purchase mortgages only, has the applicant already found the home?Boolean
PROPERTY_TYPEType of property.See key
PROPERTY_USEWhat the property will be used for.See key
CHANNELAn internal grouping of partners.See key
PARTNERHow did the applicant get to the application website?See key
MATCH_FEEThe upfront fee paid by this lender to receive this lead. -1 if missing.Integer
FILTER_CLASS_LOOKUPA code pertaining to how the lenders filter the results they receive. -1 if missing.Integer
DTIThe applicant's debt payments to income ratio. -1 if missing.Decimal
CURRENT_LOAN_INTEREST_RATEIf the loan is a refinance loan, what is the current rate on the loan. (-1 for non-refinance loans and missing values)Decimal
CASH_OUT_REFINANCEIf the loan is a refinance loan, is the applicant requesting more than the current balance (getting cash out).Boolean (or -1 when missing)