A tester for offline use may be downloaded above. To use it you must adapt your solution to read from standard in and write to standard out. Note that this does not affect the code you submit to TopCoder.

You use this tool, you should modify your program to read the parameters from standard in. They should be read in the same order they appear as arguments. To read each string array, first read N, the number of elements in the array, on a line by itself. The next N lines will contain the elements of the array. You should output your deciphered text, one element per line. Differing from the input format, you should not output the number of elements.

To use the tool, simply download the files above, put them in the same directory as your executable, and run:
  java -jar Tester.jar -seed X -exec E
Here X is the seed to the random number generator, and E is the path to your executable (surround with quotes if your executable has spaces, such as 'java Enigma').

Because you will be outputting the result to standard out, you must use standard err to print debug messages. This output will be forwarded to the terminal.