A simple tool is available to help you test your solution offline. To use it, you must modify your program to read from standard in and write to standard out. When performing a test, you should first read the parameters from standard in, one per line (in the same order they appear as arguments). The arrays will be formatted as space delimited lists. For instance, the input will be something like (with ellipses indicating longer lists):
1.04955 -0.34344 1.04556E-1 ...
0.54377633 -0.747848912 1.044 ...
You should output a whitespace delimited list of doubles, corresponding to your return. The whitespace may be spaces or new lines characters. Be sure to flush your standard out buffer after the last one. Any output you sent to standard err will be forwarded to the terminal. Be careful not to send any superfluous (i.e. debugging) output to standard out, as this will cause an error.

To use the program, you should simply run:
java -jar Deanonymize.jar "command" seed
command here is your executable command, like "java Deanonymize" or ./deanon, and seed is the seed for the random number generator (an integer).