Project Overview & Stats

This project launched in May, 2013 and was completed in November, 2013.

The project was completed using 29 challenges and included 740 registrants from 45 different countries. ┬áThe primary objective of the project involved developing an iPhone app and reporting application for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). These applications will be used to track and compile “transfers of value” (e.g. gift, meal, speaking fee) from industry manufacturers (e.g. pharmaceutical companies) to physicians.

The project had two primary application objectives:

  • iPhone Application – Design and develop an iPhone application that quickly, securely, easily and unobtrusively captures transfer of value detail from both the AM/GPO and provider in real-time scenarios.
  • Report Host Web Application – Design and develop a lightweight, authenticated, secure, data collection and report host for installation and use by each vendor. The report host collects data from field-based data-capture tools, and aggregates it according to provider. The report host must be easy to install, configure, modify and maintain.

High Level Requirements

  • Produce two applications (iPhone and reporting web app) that are easy to install and easy to use in order to foster high and active participation by vendors and providers.
  • Develop solutions that are easy to grow and change in response to changes and new opportunities in use.
  • Encourage innovation and diversity in data collection by defining a method of communication to inform 3rd party application developers supporting integration to validation engines.
  • Develop Lightweight procedures for sustained use
  • Streamline execution of and compliance with regulatory requirements to achieve high compliance rates.

To view the output of this project or to download the source code (open source), please click here.