Project Overview & Stats

This project launched in January, 2013 and was completed in December, 2013.

The project was completed using 55 challenges and included 1406 registrants from 52 different countries.

The primary objective of the project involved building a data exchange network that enables healthcare insurance-paying entities in both the public and private sector to safely and securely share information for purposes of prevention and detection of fraud, waste and abuse across partners. This application was built for the the Healthcare Fraud Prevention Partnership (HFPP) through The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

The principle tasks of this challenge involved:

  1. Defining a Data Standard for Exchanging Claims and Compromised Party Data
  2. Defining a Secure Data Exchange Network
  3. Defining and Implement HFPP TTP Role Support
  4. Providing Documentation that Drives Adoption
  5. Demonstrating the System with one or more Proof of Concept Applications

To view the output of this project or to download the source code (open source), please click here.