Big Data: Too Big to Ignore

You know something has gone mainstream when you’re watching your favorite sitcom or some new viral video on YouTube and a beautifully crafted commercial from Cisco hits you, describing the Internet of Everything and how these new connections will both generate and be driven by Big Data solutions. So as this “mainstreaming” is occurring, what should you do? Instead of glomming on to the hype, it might be high time to go seek out really purposeful examples and case studies where Big Data approaches and solutions actually impacted myriad business decisions and how those decisions in-turn affected individuals and groups of human beings. It’s one thing to understand the movement, it’s a wholly different exercise to understand how “it” is being applied and furthermore, how you can look to re-purpose a particular application in order to advance your small business or enterprise. Enter Phil Simon, award winning author of the 2011 business book The Age of the Platform and author of the very soon to be released Too Big to Ignore: The Business Case for Big Data. As fun as it can surely be to prophesize “what if’s” of Big Data, it is equally intriguing and potentially more purposeful to study who is doing what thus far, and how you can learn from their early experimentation.

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TopCoder sat down with author and speaker Phil Simon to ask him about his new release and what the business world can expect to learn from his latest work. Enjoy the interview just below. Those in the Houston, TX area can see Phil Simon present at the upcoming TopCoder Open Innovation Roadshow being held on March 12th.

For a video book trailer on Too Big To Ignore: The Business Case For Big Data – Click Here. Follow Phil on Twitter @PhilSimon We’d like to offer our sincerest “good luck” to Phil and his brand new book! For disclosure purposes, please note that a TopCoder case study is featured in “Too Big to Ignore”.

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