TopCoder & AWS AppStream Challenge

TopCoder and Amazon Web Services Inc. are launching of a series of innovation challenges for the new AWS service AppStream. AppStream provides developers with a dynamic way to stream entire applications, or their components, to a device. To identify the best scenarios for taking advantage of this “application streaming as a service” capability, TopCoder and AWS will run a series of challenges to gather the best ideas from the community for how to use AppStream, and then will run subsequent challenges to prototype popular ideas.

Read more about it in our blog and press release.

AppStream Webinar

Make sure you join us for our AWS AppStream Webinar scheduled for 12/4. We'll be talking about how to get started with AppStream and how you can compete. We'll be following up with additional content, links to resources and documentation to get you started.
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Compete in These Challenges!

Use Case Idea Generation - There are a ton of great use cases for AppStream and we want to hear them.
Build an AppStream Prototype - Here's your chance to dig into the API and really get your hands dirty. Take your best use case and build a prototype showcasing AppStream's features.
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